On heatwaves, gratitude, and not blogging

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Hey! So I've been away for a little while. I've been piling the pressure on myself to do/be everything to everyone at the moment, on very little sleep, and it culminated in a couple of TN attacks, which was nice, so I figured something had to slide.

Something did slide: blogging. And writing in general.

But I'm back! Kind of. I mean the heatwave put me off doing anything. I don't know about you but everyday things take about ten times longer during a heatwave. Plus, every surface of my house seems to be covered in a fine layer of grime and stickiness. I'm presuming it's a combo of ice lollies on tap and bare feet padding around the house. We're weaning the baby too which means everything is covered in little splodges of baby porridge. (BTW baby porridge = stronger than cement. DO NOT LET THAT STUFF DRY.) I am on constant clean-up mode but nothing is ever actually clean.

So here's a round-up post of a few things that are on my mind before I try and pick up blogging again:

1) Your health is your wealth

Living with a chronic pain condition that flares up during stressful times means that, ironically, stressful times become even more stressful because you are actively trying to avoid getting stressed. I've been trying to focus on being more peaceful at the moment, which has helped, but every pain attack brings on these nice feelings of existential doom. Every time the pain hits I'm worrying about further pain that could lie ahead and what it means for me and my family.

I don't talk about my TN much, mostly because it's under control 95% of the time (that percentage may be dropping, but we'll see I guess). But because it's been behaving itself, I've totally forgotten about the emotional impact it has. I will probably write a post about it at some stage because I can't afford therapy it's nice to talk about this kind of stuff in a realistic way.

I read the quote recently 'your health is your wealth' and that got me thinking. I should be so, so much more grateful for what I have. For the pain-free days. For healthy children. It's easy to live in a state of fear all the time, especially recently, given recent events. But you know what? A lot of life goes sliding on by without me feeling particularly thankful for it at all. As sucky as the current pain is, I am happy that I've had months and months of little-to-no-pain. I'm grateful for it.

Which leads me onto ...

2) Grateful children

Do they exist?

My daughter has discovered the phrase 'I'm bored' or 'this is BORING' (along with the word 'soooo' as in 'this is SOOO BORING'). I think I've actually chipped a filling from grinding my teeth at her when she says it. However - she is very small and doesn't really get how fortunate she is to be, you know, her.

On the one hand I want to tell her all the things she has and that she should be grateful for the one point seven million toys she has, but on the other hand, I am trying to figure out where she's coming from with this, which probably boils down to three things -

one - kids get bored quickly

two - I probably don't play with her enough

three - she doesn't see us being grateful enough.

I'm very aware of how much of a 'more-more-more' culture we live in. We want more all the time - more stuff and more experiences. Every moment of each day feels like it needs to be filled with something. The thing is, boredom is good for kids. I want her to get that sometimes we just need to breathe and appreciate what is already in front of us. And that has to start with me doing it too.

Anyway, more of that another time. Has anyone successfully done some kind of family gratitude jar or something similar? I'm pondering it at the moment and don't want to go on Pinterest for family stuff because it currently makes me feel rather inadequate. I'm back to pinning fantasy outfits and food instead ;)

3) The Motherload

In case you don't know, the Motherload is an awesome community of mothers sharing their lives together, being honest, supportive, and uplifting each other as much as possible. I'm excited to say that I am now blogging for them! Which also explains the quietness on my own blog - I've been trying to write some bits and bobs for them first. You can find my first Motherload post, on the importance of hearing that you're doing well, over here. Please comment on it/share it if you fancy, and give the Motherload Facebook page a like - it really is a funny and lovely group!


Anyway, that's all for now - I'm off to spend a rare day off with my husband where we have nothing planned :) I'll be back on Tuesday with a birthday post!

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  1. All the headings which you have shared i.e health is wealth,grateful children and mother load;I can relate with all of them.Keep sharing this much useful and interesting blog


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