24 things I have learnt from watching Pretty Little Liars

Friday, 30 June 2017


*Clears throat*

That's right: I watched ALL SEVEN SEASONS of Pretty Little Liars.

Pictured: my face after the finale

This coming from the woman whose 'continue watching' section on Netflix has about a hundred TV shows a few episodes in. This, from one half of the 'yeah, we never really got into Breaking Bad' couple. This from the woman who still doesn't know what happened at the end of Lost.

(Was it something to do with polar bears? My memory is hazy).

In case you didn't know, here's a brief description: four friends are changed forever when their stereotypical-queen-bee friend goes missing. They start to get strange text messages from someone threatening to spill all their secrets. A person named 'A'. It starts off plausible and then quickly descends into actual madness. And yet after a year of watching I couldn't let it go because I NEEDED TO KNOW WHO 'A' IS.

From actual masks of peoples faces to explosions to people being shot and then miraculously recovering in the space of five minutes, this show has it all (except common sense). Here's some important life lessons I have gleaned during this watching experience:

  1. Hair must be bouncy at ALL TIMES.
  2. Teenage girls nowadays own an improbable amount of jackets.
  3. See also: dangly earrings, belts, designer handbags.
  4. Everyone knows how to sprint in high heels.
  5. One can be ferociously intelligent and top of every class without appearing to do any homework, ever.
  6. One can learn how to hack into someone's phone and listen in to their conversations in the space of a morning if necessary.
  7. American teenage girls have actual coffee in their veins and it needs topping up at regular intervals.
  8. They also have a huge amount of disposable income to spend on overpriced coffee and handbags.
  9. It's totally cool if a teacher sleeps with a student because romance.
  10. The police force are totally useless to the point where even if they are guarding the house you are staying in, they won't notice someone sneaking in to attempt to kill you.
  11. Speaking of which: who locks their doors nowadays? No-one, that's who. Especially not girls who have been almost murdered more than once.
  12. Also, why close your curtains when you can have revealing private conversations in front of an open window?
  13. Never tell anyone where you are going, particularly if you are going into a dangerous situation.
  14. Also, splitting up and going in different directions is always a good idea if you're hunting down a murderous psychopath.
  15. Masks, no matter how crappy in quality, can fool just about everyone.
  16. Always wait for at least a few hours before handing in evidence to the police so you can give the bad guys a chance to steal it back (I mean it's only fair.)
  17. Nearly everyone you know will have stayed in the local insane asylum at one point, and yet everyone is entirely comfortable having a drink there once it's closed down and turned into a cocktail bar.
  18. Donating eggs if you're being stalked is risky business, as there's always a possibility your stalker will steal them, fertilize them, and implant them into your best friend.
  19. Parents go and live somewhere else after their kids turn sixteen (presumably on some island where they cannot be reached?)
  20. Expert stalkers attend Stalking School where they learn a myriad of skills including: hacking, carpentry, fashion design, computer programming, engineering, prosthetic making (and mind-reading)
  21. Gunshot wounds, fires, explosions, being hit by a car, almost being steamed to death - nothing will take more than a few days to recover from.
  22. One man can father a whole town, pretty much
  23. Nearly everyone has a secret sibling, and 
  24. If in doubt, presume the answer is twins.
I mean there must be something in this show that kept me watching, even though the whole thing could have been wrapped up in the first episode if the girls had just GONE TO THE POLICE WITH THE FLIPPING TEXT MESSAGES and confessed everything - but hey. Thanks Pretty Little Liars for seven years of ridiculous fun!

My sisters gave up on Pretty Little Liars a long time ago. Perhaps sensibly.

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  1. I haven't watched this one. I did watch all of Lost, but I'm still none the wiser to what it was all about. I would actually like a refund! Give me back all those hours I lost watching Lost! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. My sister was bitterly disappointed in the ending of Lost and still talks about it to this day! x

  2. It's always the twins! Never trust a twin and my husband is a twin. I am now slightly scared what if his other twin becomes like A - argh. I have loved Pretty Liars but I hadn't watched the last one yet! However, I couldn't help myself I had to google it. I've loved watching it even if I did wish that I had their brains, income, hair and looks #FridayFrolics

    1. Haha, glad to find someone else that watched it! And yes ... me too. It's definitely escapism TV ;)

  3. I just finished watching the series too! I watched almost all of it while I was on maternity leave - it was pretty much at about the level that my brain could handle at that time. Of course there was an evil twin - if was the only thing ridiculous enough to end a perfectly ridiculous show. Pretty much nothing really added up, but I still loved watching it! #FridayFrolics

    1. I started watching it when my daughter was a baby. It is pretty good maternity leave viewing! I guessed it was going to be a twin but I was still gobsmacked that they actually did it. Ha x

  4. I have heard of this show sounds interesting Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  5. Haha! Watched it all too! Yes, implausible, but I liked it! I thought Wren, so I was partially right in fhat he was more involved than had been known. I didn't care too much as long as it wasn't Toby - I became very invested in the idea that Toby is lovely and good, and my faith would have been destroyed if he was evil. I feel like they should have determined who has the British evil twin by who could do a British accent. They did not do that. Thanks so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics


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