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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Good morning!

I've been missing for a couple of weeks - mostly due to sleep deprivation, and frankly, that's a whole blog post in itself - but mostly because of the perpetual juggle of two small children and general life 'stuff.' (Essentially the baby has decided he no longer wants to sleep during my prime blogging hours - 5am and 7-8pm. Gah.)

Anyway, I'll hopefully be back on schedule with a full post on Thursday, but I've got something to tell you first!

My blog is now in partnership with LionsHome Blog Network! LionsHome is a website that aims to inspire people to create a beautiful home, in the form of inspiring articles and a helpful shopping platform, where you can filter through items from a large number of companies to find the perfect 'thing' you are looking for. They also have a bloggers network on a variety of interesting topics including lifestyle and motherhood, which is where I come in!

So this is a quick post to say hello to my newest bloggers network *waves* and to let you know I am still here, dealing with sticky floors and teething babies and playing Shopkins and what have you.

See you on Thursday!

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