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Thursday, 30 March 2017

My daughter is growing up.

She's becoming more and more interested in letters. 'What sound does THIS letter make?' 'What is 'S' for?' She knows the letters that spell her name, and she sees letter shapes in random objects. I love it. I love seeing her grow and change, something in her brain propelling her forward, some irresistible pull for knowledge causing her to seek answers, wanting to know how the world works and how she can understand it. She knows know that writing means something - that it has a function, to tell a story, to explain how things work.

It is a funny feeling, as a parent. Pride I suppose, like nothing else. I'm more proud of her than I am of anything I've ever achieved myself. Seeing her learning the very basic foundation of how language works is wonderful.

We have been sent some Usborne books to review by Sarah Keeler, and the book I want to talk about today is Fox on a Box. The Usborne Phonics Readers books have been created with a language expert, with the latest research of how to effectively teach reading in mind throughout. The idea is that children who are very new at reading can sound out words and gain confidence in their own ability to read.

We're not 'there' yet. We are a long way from being 'there'. Jellybean is an autumn baby, which means she won't be starting school until next year. Until then, I need to make sure that her own natural inclination towards learning isn't neglected - specifically in terms of recognising letters and numbers.

Right now, we use this book in the same way we use other books - to enjoy a good story. What I like about this book is that it doesn't explain everything that happens through words - there is enough of a 'gap' between the text and the pictures to enable a discussion about is happening. This is a good way of seeing how much Jellybean understands about how stories work.

She really enjoys the light-hearted story, and particularly enjoys the way the pages fold out to reveal more of the story. Each page has a little yellow duck hidden on it, too, which means there's plenty for her to enjoy before she gets to the stage of being able to read it herself.

If you are a parent looking to help support your child in their journey in learning to read, I definitely recommend the Phonics Readers books. There is also an explanation of what synthetic phonics are at the start of the book, which is really useful if you are unsure of how they work.

There's a wide range of stories to choose from, too, in case you are worried about having to read the same one fifty times in a row! You can view some of them on Sarah's website here.

Be sure to check out Sarah's VIP Facebook page, too, for special offers and competitions!

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  1. Such a reasonable price for the enjoyment and learning factor :)

    Looks a good series Meg. x

  2. I love Osbourne books they are always good quality and educationally sound. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

    1. Thank you, they are definitely good quality! x


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