Baby (grow) fever

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I've been away for a bit. I had it in my head that after a few weeks I'd be back to normal blogging wise.

Oh, my hilarious, naive past self.

My son is now eight weeks old and I'm just about getting used to life with two kids. You know, the usual stuff - showering, eating, and so on. All about ten times more difficult with two kids, when one kid happens to be a tiny baby. It's amazing how much chaos one small person can bring.

Lovely chaos, obviously. I'm very grateful. (Admittedly I don't feel very grateful when I'm trying to get them both dressed and ready in the mornings. Getting ready is an epic disaster every single time. Right from not being able to find clothes that fit me down to attempting to manoeuvre the pushchair through a carpet of My Little Ponies and Duplo blocks. All to the beautiful sound of my son screaming at me in protest about being in the pram).


Eight weeks - how, how can it be eight weeks already since I was in a birthing pool sucking down gas and air like a drowning woman? - have passed. And it's still all a bit crazy here. The problem is, if you let enough time pass between babies your brain blocks out how much hard work they are. You start thinking of babies as small, cute bundles that you can just carry about with you wherever you go with no problems. LOL.

Anyway, I go to bed thinking 'I'll write a blog post tomorrow' and then I wake up at five to feed him, in a dark and cold house, feeling so dazed and exhausted that everything seems a bit surreal (mind you, the Trump stuff doesn't help with that 'is this actually real life' feeling).

So this is the best I can muster because I'm not so great at deep thinking right now (or indeed, any thinking): every day I have a small moment of indecision about what to dress my baby in.

We've been given tons of clothes, thanks to the happy timing of my sister in law having a baby boy a couple of months before us, as well as having close friends who are a bit further down the having-a-boy path than us. Our baby has more clothes than anyone else in the house. He's possibly got more clothes than me and Chris put together. He has lots of lovely little tops and soft comfy jogging bottoms and dungarees and teeny tiny little socks.

He also has a lot of babygrows.

I LOVE babies in babygrows. Love them. Something about a baby in a tiny onesie makes me melt a little inside. There's something so primal-mother-ish in pacing, shhing, and patting a babygrow-clad bottom in perfect rhythm. The day that Jellybean discovered that she could unpopper her babygrows and undress herself was a very very sad day for me, and I vowed I would make the most of babygrows this time round.

And so each morning I think 'this outfit is cute. I should dress him in that.' and then I think '... but I think I'll put him in a babygrow.'

There is literally no other point in this blog post other than a little update on what life is like here. Time flies like nothing else when you have small people around that insist on growing all the time. Watching them grow is amazing and slightly painful all at once. The only thing you can do, right in the midst of the sleepless nights and the mess and the chaos, is to allow yourself to drown in it. To be absorbed fully with it. And to grab onto the tiny perfect moments - first smiles, bonding moments between the kids - and file them away for mulling over later when you're less deliriously exhausted.

So I'm here, mostly at home. Learning all the words to the songs from Blaze and the Monster Machines ('maaagnets pick up some kinds of metal ...'). I've been smiling a lot. Sighing a lot. Swearing in my head sometimes when I get frustrated. And enjoying a tiny, snuggly babygrow-clad boy as much as I can before time slips through my fingers again.

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  1. Enjoy these tiring, wonderful, stressful days as the little ones grow so fast. Coming by from #TwinklyTuesday

    1. They go by way too quick! That's for sure x

  2. Enjoy the madness Meg. I look back on those days with nostalgia! I can feel the weight of my boys in my arms and feel those same feelings. I used to love the 5am feed with no-one awake but the two of us and listen to the birds waking up. Yes life was always so frantic and tiredness a constant companion. I don't have rose tinted glasses :) I appreciate the calm so much more now for having had those days! xx
    ps love the new theme

    1. 5am is a lovely time of day when you have a little baby 😊 exhausting but lovely. Thank you so much. My blog looks much better now I've paid someone else to do it for me! Haha. x

  3. Aaah, congratulations on your baby boy!! And bless you, it's so much work isn't it?! I didn't even start a blog until the eldest was nearly 3, and the little one 19 months-I don't think I could've contemplated it while they were babies! Well done for getting a coherent post out at 8 weeks! I absolutely LOVED babygros too! It was all we had for the eldest when he was born, and then we got a few cute outfits as gifts, which he went in for special occasions. These didn't get reused for the baby, he was in babygros until we literally couldn't get them big enough for him anymore! And I really miss them... I'm also sad that both of them are in 'proper' vests now too, and not the popper ones-it feels like they really aren't little anymore! I always felt the strange mixture of wanting to enjoy it all when they were babies, but being so exhausted I sometimes wanted it all over-it's a hard one! #bigpinklink

    1. Haha thank you! I write a lot of blog posts on my phone. In between having to fetch things for/play imaginary games with my daughter. Parenthood is a funny thing in the early days. Half amazingly lovely and half mind numbingly exhausting! x


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