What happens when you hand a three year old a camera

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Yep, that's right. Still no baby.

I'm in limbo land: every day I make tentative plans not knowing if they're going to happen or not. The end of pregnancy is unique in that you actively anticipate pain and get quite excited when it arrives. And then feel disappointed when it goes away again. You also spend a lot of time telling people a date that might not actually mean anything.

But the good news is that every day I get to spend lots of lovely time with my daughter, and building up a few treasured memories of our last few days with just the two of us. Mostly we potter around the house playing. We also go for very long, slow walks in the hope that gravity encourages the baby to start getting a move on.

Slow, muddy, misty walks.

A while back I dug out my very old digital camera for Jellybean to use. She became a photography obsessive. Now, if I need to drag her out of the house for baby-moving reasons, I call chirpily 'let's take your camera!' to try and persuade her out into the cold.

I often wonder what goes through Jellybean's head (especially given some of the things she comes out with). Now I can see what the world looks like from her perspective, which is quite fun. It looks a bit like this:

Girl's got skills!

That's it really. If you need us we'll be here. Quietly waiting. Enjoying each other's company. Reading stories in blanket forts and bouncing on gym balls and scrubbing the kitchen floor (alright, the last two are just me). And wondering what Christmas will look like in our house this year ...


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