Christmas Gift Ideas - Small Business Special!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? (I know. I know. I've become one of those Christmas people.)

Every year I say things like 'this Christmas, I'm going to buy from independent businesses.' and I don't. Do you know who I buy from? Amazon. Amazon gets my money. Fact is, Amazon has got some of my money this year. But not all of it!

Avoid getting elbowed in the face or standing in a ridiculous queue this year and get your gifts from small businesses instead. It's win win for everyone!

I asked on Facebook and Instagram for suggestions and recommendations, and here are my favourites. I'm posting these now, because small businesses get super busy at this time of year and if you leave it too late, you'll miss out ...


Things We Left Behind

Things We Left Behind make beautiful, handmade signs for your home. They also do custom orders should you be looking for something specific!

Jackdaw Bindery

Jackdaw Bindery make beautiful leather journals. For, you know, the writers in your life. ;) Chris bought me a similar leather journal a few years back and it is one of my favourite things ever!

The Minty Mountain

The Minty Mountain make lovely trinkets - little gifts, ring dishes, and beautiful personalised Christmas decorations. I may have ordered a tree decoration for our new baby already:

(I removed his name for privacy reasons, but it's stamped along the bottom and it's adorable).

Tabby Rabbit

If you've got a dog lover to buy for, step this way. Dog-based illustrations, tea towels, bunting, gift wrap, and lots more!

Beam designs

Beautiful laser cut clocks, lanterns, and gifts made by a couple in their studio in Durham. Pretty and unusual - check them out!


Mica Peet

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I like Mica Peet. Beautiful, interesting, geometric jewellery. Love it!

Small Bear Craft

Small Bear Craft makes lovely, quirky jewellery. And they're based in Bristol which makes me happy!

Literary Emporium

Got a book lover in your life? Head over to Literary Emporium for some sweet and thoughtful book related gifts!

Mama and Belle

Not going to lie - I'm eyeing up one of these teething necklaces. For myself. When Jellybean got to the pulling stage - you know the stage when babies pull on everything they can grab hold of in their little iron fists? - I gave up wearing jewellery for a while because when I did, my necklaces either broke or she ate them, which wasn't ideal. Mama and Belle make necklaces that are both super strong and safe for babies to chomp on - they are made from food grade silicone and can even be put in a dishwasher or steriliser to make sure they're extra clean and tasty for baby.


Featheroak describe their products as 'raw and refined Earth and sea inspired Eco jewellery' which explains it all, really. They are stunning!

For Kids

PupTart Handmade

If you want glittery, this is where to get it. Bright and colourful and girly and cute bags, purses, and gifts.

Minimods UK

Absolutely adorable handmade children's accessories. Some of these hair bows might make their way into Jellybean's stocking this year ...

Plus, Kirsty from MiniMods has very kindly offered a 10% discount code for my readers to use! To get 10% off, enter the code HOLIDAYS16 (code expires 31 Dec 2016).

That's it for now! Hoping to put up a post next week advertising more lovely businesses that are Somerset based. Enjoy your Christmas shopping!

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  1. What a great list of ideas! something for everyone! #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thank you! Very excited to do a bit more shopping now ... x

  2. Wow! Great stuff! Thanks for posting all this.

    1. No worries! Am in awe of talented designers/crafters x

  3. It's so great to support small businesses and this is such a beautiful choice of goodies! I've also got my eye on a teething necklace but when I went to buy one they were out of stock, so I'll check our your supplier above. The only thing that annoys me about Instagram is that I like a number of brands but I forget their names and they disappear into the IG feed abyss. I wish there was a functionality that allowed you to 'save' favourite shops or accounts on top of liking various feeds. #BigPinkLink

    1. That happens to me, too! Your idea sounds great, wish Instagram would let you do that, or categorise the people you follow in some way.

      Really love the teething necklaces. Such a clever idea x

  4. Fantastic selection! Thank you for featuring Minty Mountain too ;) x

    1. Hehe. No worries 😉 wishing you a busy and happy run up to Christmas! x

  5. Gorgeous. Fabulous selection Meg. Must admit I've bought all the gifts (apart from our sons who get money and stocking fillers). I've even bought the TA's chocolate already too ... I'm super organised this year!

    Love that you've focused on SB x

    1. Thank you. Glad to know I'm not the only early Christmas prepper! ;) x

  6. These are gorgeous, especially the book related gifts. Thanks for sharing your ideas - never too early to shop for Christmas, I say. #bigpinklink

  7. Thank you for the inspiration. You've sure made me think those dog printed things would make perfect presents for my pooch loving family. #ablogginggoodtime

  8. Love the idea of supporting small businesses and love these ideas! #ablogginggoodtime


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