Moving on.

Friday, 24 June 2016

I'm sitting here this morning trying to write, making the most of my child-free hours while Jellybean is out. And I can't concentrate.

This morning, we voted to leave the E.U.

I still can't quite believe it happened. I woke up to the news and felt the sadness and regret in my stomach like a heavy weight. Nestled in next to my unborn child who I will now have to raise in a very divided and angry country. We've essentially voted for something totally unknown and now are watching the implications as they emerge. What will happen to us? Will there be another recession? Will we lose Scotland now? When will we get the money back that we've been sending into the EU and will that happen before or after the emergency budget is declared? (I suspect long after).

It's been a hideous campaign based on lies and nastiness. On both sides. On the one hand, the 'hard working people' Farage and co. have been campaigning for will probably be massively impacted, because we have handed ultimate power to the Conservative government, who have a track record of taking away from the poor, disabled and most vulnerable in our society. If they need to make cuts (which they will) who are they going to cut from? Does it seem fair that we will now have an unelected Prime Minister?

On the other hand, I know a lot of Leave voters who voted not based on racism or xenophobia (or because they agree with Donald Trump or Nigel Farage) but because they had genuine concerns about the democracy of the EU, and are now having to a) keep silent about their vote, or b) risk being called names because of it.

It sucks.

It sucks that politicians on both sides have lied to us. It sucks that the papers are totally biased and unreliable. It sucks that this whole time, we haven't been able to find unbiased information anywhere. It sucks that far-right movements like Britain First have whipped people up into such a xenophobic frenzy that an MP ended up being shot dead. It sucks that the country is so divided. It sucks that we might lose Scotland.

It sucks that the Leave voters are calling Remain voters 'sore losers' because they are genuinely sad about the result. It sucks that Remain voters are calling Leave voters racist idiots.

It all just sucks.

For the record, I voted Remain, because I believe in unity and I believe the EU is not the terrible evil it has been made out to be. I am, frankly, very very worried about what will happen next. For the country as a whole and for us as a family. I worry about how we will provide for our children if there is another recession. I am concerned that people from other European countries that live here don't feel welcome any more. I have the right to express that concern and sadness. It's not 'throwing my toys out of the pram'. It is REAL politics. With real consequences. That impact us all.

But frankly, I feel quite ashamed of our country today. Not because of Brexit, but because of the way we have behaved. I believe in democracy. We've voted - we're out. But that doesn't excuse the weeks of bitterness, tension, and anger. It doesn't excuse the terrible things that have been said and done. It doesn't excuse the name calling and nastiness. It doesn't excuse entire campaigns being based on lies, exaggerations, and half-truths. Frankly, the behaviour of those representing us as a country make us all a laughing stock.

That said ...

The only thing we can do now is try and move on as gracefully and determinedly as possible. The only thing we can do is take stock of what we have and try and move on from it. We are still the same as we were yesterday - a country made up of determined, sarcastic, somewhat grumpy people. I believe we've got through worse and we'll get through whatever happens next, because we're stubborn like that. Somehow when the dust clears, maybe we'll be able to have more civil conversations about how we move on from here.


Anyway. I'm off to try and get on with my day. Have a good one. (Or, you know. Try to.)


  1. The whole process has been a farce and divided us more than anything I can remember Megan. Such vitriol and hate from both sides. And still perpetuated myths on social media. My heart is heavy. xx

  2. The whole process has been a farce and divided us more than anything I can remember Megan. Such vitriol and hate from both sides. And still perpetuated myths on social media. My heart is heavy. xx

    1. I'm hoping as the days go by it will become calmer and easier to talk about this. Two days on I still feel so sad about it all x

  3. A few weeks on and the whole thing seems even more of a mess now than the day after you wrote this post. Yes, IT SUCKS and there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe I am a sore loser but when a loss is based on such a vile campaign with so many lies, half truths and misinformation I do feel I have a right to be a sore loser.

    1. I know - I've had to stop reading or watching things about the referendum now because it makes me cross. I've found the political fall out since then quite worrying too. Awaiting anxiously to see how our new prime minister will handle this x


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