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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I turned 28 yesterday!

This time a decade ago I was just turning 18. Going from teenager to Officially An Adult. Depending on my mood, it either feels like an age ago with a vast ocean of experiences between now and then, or a moment that has slid by in a flash.

A couple of birthdays ago I wrote a blog post about things I have learnt from growing slowly older. I don't feel like doing that today (is that a reflection on me having learnt nothing since I wrote the last one? Not sure). Today, I feel like telling you all the things that I have not learnt to do very well despite growing older by the day. So in the spirit of self-deprecation:

Seven Things I Suck At

1) Taking care of house plants. Our house is where plants come to die. I'm sorry. Our outside plants seem to do quite well, mainly because nature takes care of them. We only remember to water the inside ones when they look like they are about to drop dead. I've got two house plants that have survived our married life, and I genuinely don't know how they keep hanging in there.

2) Engaging in real life debate. I am the neurotic person that will lie in bed after having a good discussion with people and be internally berating myself for forgetting all the clever things I was supposed to say. Doesn't matter how well informed I am on a subject or how well I know people. Stick me in a group of people having a heated discussion and my brain leaves the building, taking all my helpful pre-prepared facts with it. I'm also really, REALLY scared of offending people. It's like I took the childhood lesson 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all' and distilled it down to a fine concentrate of 'just don't say anything at all.'

3) Keeping on top of Life Stuff. Every now and then I do some mundane house thing - like clearing out the cupboard under the stairs or finally emptying the washing basket - and I feel the most smug I ever feel in my life, and I think to myself, without a trace of irony or self-doubt, 'Never again will I let this thing get on top of me. From now on I will keep on top of things because that is what grown ups do.' Two weeks later you will find me weeping into a full laundry basket. Which leads me onto...

4) Not crying at stupid moments I cry when I'm angry. It is without doubt the most frustrating thing about myself. Inside I could be bubbling with rage like a volcano about to erupt and on the outside I look like a sad, wounded puppy. NO! My tears do two things. They elicit sympathy, which is frankly the last thing I want from someone I am arguing with. And they make me even more frustrated. Which, guess what? Makes me cry more. I give up on myself.

5) Understanding how maths works. The other day I considered asking a very knowledgeable friend how the pound works. How do people know the pound is weakening? Who officially decides and announces this? I decided in the end not to ask because I know I won't get it. I'm not playing up my dumbness here: something happens in my mind when people start talking numbers and it's like all I can hear after a few seconds is just tuneless roaring in my head. I do genuinely want to know these things: I just can't.

6) Being a grown woman Occasionally I watch YouTube videos to teach me how to do 'girl stuff' properly, and I resolve to change from now on. Then they start saying ridiculous things like 'make sure you remove your make-up every night' and 'don't let your toenail varnish get chipped because it looks scruffy' and I realise I am never going to change and it's not worth even trying.

7) Knowing where I am going This is a bit of a stretch, because I'm not entirely bad at knowing where I am. Once I've walked somewhere once, I've got it. My feet seem to memorise pavements. On the other hand, while I'm good at taking in landmarks and things to see along the way, road names? Nope. This is not at all helped by the fact that once in a car, I shut out the rest of the world and go into a daydream immediately (you might be relieved to hear that I don't drive).

And Two Things I Am Good At

1) Being grateful for people who are good at the things I am rubbish at Really, I truly am happy to have people in my life that are good at the things I am not good at. We all work together. Like separate pieces of a big happy puzzle.

2) Realising it's okay to not be good at stuff. The older I get the more I poke fun at myself. But also, the more I realise it's okay to let things go. Some things I get better at with time, other things I plan to get round to conquering sometime in the future. Some things just aren't worth the effort in changing. I'm not superwoman. Doesn't make me less needed or valued: just means I don't stress out so much.

Here's to another awesome year of growing older but perhaps not wiser in everything ;)


Run Jump Scrap!


  1. Happy birthday! I think realising that it's OK to not be good at stuff is the most important part!

    1. Thank you! And yes definitely, we can't be good at everything x

  2. Happy belated birthday Meg!

    Fab post - honesty, humourous and ... honour :D

    It is always good to reflect and you do this so well. I need to do it more often!

  3. Ahhhh I literally could have written every word of this post! This is me all over and I'm 33 so don't go expecting any of this to change over the coming years! Although I can go just one better and say that it takes me at least three walks of the same route before I remember it!!! Happy belated birthday! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Haha, thank you! I don't expect any of these things to change now ;) it's just too much effort! x

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  5. Aw bless you - these are well trivial things. I'm crap at directions and looking after plants too. As for looking like a grown up woman...ha! prob will never happen. Lovely post. Made me smile. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

    1. Thank you! The thing is, I used to get hung up on the trivial things. Feels good to let them go now! x

  6. At 37 I still don't take me make up off and my toe nails are chipped!! Lol. I can also kill a houseplant at 20 paces but somehow manage to keep two small humans alive :). Happy belated birthday here's to always being a little ungrown up! Xx

    1. Can never keep up with the toenails! Glad I'm not the only one ;) thank you xx

  7. Haha - I have problems with many of these things! I wouldn't worry about the pound - nobody should want to understand currency, economics or the stock market in my opinion as they are all areas where the more you know, the less sense they make. It's actually quite upsetting to realise the world is essentially being run on the basis of made up crap that people take very seriously despite it's essentially not particularly real nature! :D #bestandworst


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