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Wednesday, 20 April 2016


I've been away for a while, because of a lack of computer. It's annoying to be without it but the space in which I would normally be blogging has been filled with other things. Things like


So, my friend Matt recommended a podcast called Nomad that we've started listening to. I like discovering a new podcast because it suddenly makes boring jobs like cleaning a million times more interesting because you've got something to listen to. Nomad is two guys - Tim and Dave - two Christian guys that were disillusioned with religion. The podcast chronicles their journey learning about a huge range of topics. They interview a lot of interesting people and are really good at asking questions (the kind of questions that you wish interviewers would think to ask when they're discussing a really juicy topic!). Check it out here if you're interested.

Bullet journalling

I don't know about you, but I feel like my brain keeps letting me down. My long term memory is excellent but my short term memory? Not so much. I have to set an alarm on my phone to remind me to drink enough water. And that's something you need to do in order to, you know, survive.

I've tried all sorts of things. I've tried diaries. I've tried a calendar with loads of spaces for different things. Nothing works. I just stop looking at them.

I also find that my brain won't switch off at night sometimes because something stupid will be floating around in my head and I need to write it down. Now I have about thirty random bits of paper/backs of envelopes scattered all over the house with lists of things on.

I've discovered what I think is the key to my sanity.

Bullet journalling.

Bullet journalling is where you have a notepad that contains your brain on paper. It has sections for everything. And lists. Lots of lists.

My four-months-late-to-the-party New Years Resolution is to finally become a person who is efficient at life. This IS going to be the answer. If you're thinking 'this won't work because you'll give up on it like you did the other things' just SHHHH because I don't want to hear it

General toddler life

Our daughter is now two and a half and she has decided she is now practically an adult and is capable of doing everything herself.

She has opinions on everything, ranging from what shoes she wears (wellies at all times) to whether or not we should brush her teeth (she is not usually in favour of tooth brushing) to whether or not she likes snails (undecided). She also talks non-stop. Literally NON STOP. Sometimes she talks so much she forgets to breathe.

The thing is: this is my last year at home with her just the two of us, because she is due to start pre-school in January, and I'm feeling the usual mixture of heartbreak and happiness about it, because my perception of time has changed and now I can blink and months seem to slide away.

I love her. I love that she is her and no-one else. I love the person she is becoming. The thought of teaching her all the things I want to teach her and not, you know, screwing it up irredeemably, is quite daunting. But also very exciting.


Thanks for listening to my waffles. I miss blogging. I keep having to borrow my father-in-laws laptop in order to scratch the writing itch. Hopefully I'll be back to regular posting soon!

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  1. I am a list person but I'm not sure about the bullet journalling Megan. Sometimes you can spend too much time 'listing' and not doing :) Looks like a fab system and I hope it works for you.


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