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Friday, 19 February 2016

This = my happy place
I am a podcast addict.

I love listening to podcasts. They are like my comfort TV. When I'm cleaning? Podcast on. When I'm cooking? Podcast. Feeling a bit rubbish? Probably gonna turn to a podcast. So in no particular order, I give you ten of my favourites:


Ever wanted to know stuff about ... stuff? Josh and Chuck have covered every topic under the sun, giving you a really good idea of each subject. From playdough to trickle-down economics. The Satanic Panic of the 1980's to Anonymous. From Barbie dolls to, er, poop. Ever wondered why men have nipples? Why leaves change colours in the autumn? If the five-second rule actually works? You can find out!

The Flicks That Church Forgot is a podcast by Rev. Peter Laws. He is an ordained minister who has a fascination with horror films. As well as giving some really in-depth reviews, he also explores theology and spirituality (which is why I listen ... because I'm actually a huge wimp when it comes to horror films). Really interesting podcast!

3. The Complete Guide to Everything

The Complete Guide to Everything sounds like it might be the same thing as Stuff You Should Know but, er, not. Tim and Tom are New Yorkers and close friends, and each week they discuss a different topic. Except they kind of don't. Sometimes they talk about nearly everything BUT the topic. But they are so funny that it works. It just works!

They make me laugh. A lot. Almost as much as ...

So I kind of consider Adam and Joe to be like old friends of mine, even though I will probably never actually meet them ( a good thing as I would either faint or say something ridiculous). Chris and I used to listen to their XFM shows way back when we were first going out (you know, in the olden times). And now they are part of my life. You know how some people have a Friends quote for every situation? I do, but I also have an Adam and Joe anecdote for everything.

I, personally, love seeing (or hearing) people laugh helplessly until they nearly can't breathe. And there's plenty of that here! I've cried with laughter listening to these podcasts (the Blah Boobidy Baya saga especially). Their songs float around in my head interchangably (Text the Nation, Retro Text the Nation, Dirty Robots, Special Bath ... the list goes on).

If you're going to listen to any of the podcasts on this list ... go for this one. I found a forum post listing nearly all of their radio shows, so you could go all the way back and start there. You lucky things.

Sadly they have stopped their show now (Adam Buxton being busy doing his show Bug, which I also recommend, and Joe Cornish directing and writing films) but Adam recently started up a new podcast which you can find here (when I found out I did a happy dance to celebrate).

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film Reviews (aka Wittertainment) kind of explains what you need to know: film critic Kermode and radio presenter Mayo review films. That's it. Except it's not: Wittertainment has a massive fan base with listeners across the globe. It feels like a show you can really participate in - they spend a lot of time reading out emails from listeners, whether it's their opinions on movies or stories of how their show has impacted their life in some way.

Kermode is also the master of film rants. Sometimes if a terrible-sounding film comes out I will think 'I can't wait to see what Mark says about this.' Listen to his opinion on Sex and the City 2 for an idea of what I mean ;)

It feels a bit cheaty to include three separate podcasts by the same network but hey! Stuff You Missed in History Class uncovers some really interesting events, people and places throughout time. They cover loads of topics: the Hindenburg disaster, the strange story of the 1900 Paris Olympics, the real-life Moby Dick that destroyed a ship. They manage to find out about really interesting people and leave you wondering about mysteries that will never be solved.

The last of the 'Stuffs!' I really like Stuff Mom Never Told You. Cristen and Caroline explore what it means to be a woman ... and cover relationships, female friendships, the representation of women in media, and loads more. Some of their podcasts cover fascinating women throughout time. Others have shocked and slightly enraged me (check out Empresses of Science Fiction).

I listen to a few sermons online (including, obviously, my own church, seeing as I mostly miss the sermons whilst running around after our toddler), but thanks to my friend Matt, I've recently discovered Woodland Hills. Greg Boyd is senior pastor of Woodland Hills, and their Twisted Scripture series (in which they examine scriptures that have been twisted over time to suit our purposes) is really interesting.

Oh Scummy Mummies. Ever wondered why every other parent has it together, and that it must only be you that is constantly tripping over toys and finding crushed up crisps and half-eaten digestives in their handbag? Well, you're wrong, and Scummy Mummies are here to let you know that no-one really has it all together. I laugh so much when I listen to them (one of them in particular has a really infectious laugh that makes me laugh too). They talk about loads of stuff: breastfeeding, stay at home Dads, feminism, post-natal depression, starting a business ... and they are so down to earth and likeable that they will have you hooked.

I should warn you they are kind of sweary though: just in case you felt like listening to it in front of your kids ;)


Obviously I have a mild book obsession and Bookrageous just feeds that. Bookrageous is a group of people talking about different topics to do with books: sometimes they explore different genres, other times wider topics like diversity in books. At the start of the show, each person talks about what they are currently reading, which is my favourite bit. I've discovered a few really good books through them. They don't update regularly (or at least haven't been recently) but when a new one comes out I disappear in a happy book bubble for a little while.


That's it! My podcast list of joy. If you're going to check them out, then happy listening ... and if you've got any good podcast recommendations, please let me know! 

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  1. I really love the stuff mom never told you podcast! Great blog post! #PicknMix

    1. I really like that one too! Been listening to it for a while, its always interesting. Thank you! 😃

  2. You had me smiling as I was reading your descriptions Megan. I'm sure you will have blog readers thanking you for this fab post.

    I'm a visual person and audio podcasts don't really work for me. Even with my eyes closed :)

    1. Ahh, thank you. Hehe, I find it difficult to sit still listening to things ... I have to be doing something else at the same time! x

  3. Brilliant.....I never really listen to podcasts but after reading this I might give it a go! Thanks for linking up #bestandworst

  4. I've never really listened to podcasts, I didn't even know they were a thing until recently ha! Think I need to investigate some :)

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix
    Stevie x


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