Ten Pathetically Small Things That Make Me Feel Unreasonably Happy

Monday, 4 January 2016

It is 2016. I am trying to shake off what is essentially a Christmas hangover. That feeling where you have overloaded on festivities (and chocolate) and you feel a bit tired and bloated and the sight of the Christmas tree is starting to drive you a bit mad but the thought of packing it all away makes you want to go and have a little lie down. The excitement is over. The house is full of extra cardboard that you can't fit into the recycling bin. The fridge is full of little nuggets of fancy cheese and a few wilted carrots, but not enough components to make a whole meal out of. The weather is either a) rainy b) windy or c) both. It's permanently dark all day long. All the things that you were worrying about before Christmas barged into your head are slowly starting to trickle back as Real Life is about to start again.

All in all, it feels a bit 'meh'.

And you probably have a cold. Or at least you do if you've visited us over Christmas. (Sorry everyone. We were the Lurg Family this year)

I get it! I'm there. What you need is to remember all the happy things. (When in doubt, write a list). In the spirit of that, here are some of mine:

My List of Ten Pathetically Small Things That Make Me Feel Unreasonably Happy
  1. When you are hungry and you remember there are crisps in the house. (JOY)
  2. When you have a book that is so huge that you have to lie on your side in bed to read it, lest your arms grow tired and you drop it onto your face
  3. The first sip of coffee in the morning
  4. The first sip of coffee in the afternoon (having some caffeine issues)
  5. Sneaking a bit of Baileys into a hot chocolate and claiming 'what the heck, it's Christmas!' even though half the street have already taken their decorations down
  6. Having no visitors, and therefore, not having to wear a bra in the daytime (not even the slightest bit sorry about admitting this)
  7. Decluttering a small part of the living room and heaving a great sigh of satisfaction, even though essentially all that you have done is move a pile of rubbish from one place to another
  8. Jellybean's singing ('Row row row your boat gently dow the meam ... mey-yiyi, mey-yiyi, mey-yiyi, mey-yiyi, life is bup a meaaaaaaaam ...')
  9. Watching Jellybean and Chris play 'dice' (essentially this involves Jellybean playing with all the bits from our board games and Chris kind of enjoying it but also trying not to feel stressed about the thought of all the pieces disappearing under the sofas)
  10. When, for a whole day, I manage not to lose any of the following: a) my phone b) my lip balm or c) my keys
  11. BONUS! The fact that you can now listen to the Beatles on Spotify. (SO much singing and dancing going on in my kitchen right now).
Okay! Let's joy-the-heck-up the start of 2016! Shake off your Back to Work/School/Other Everyday Thing right now and leave me a list of silly things that make you happy. Leave me a comment somewhere! :)

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