Three easy autumn crafts for lazy people

Thursday, 8 October 2015

So it's at this time of the year that I go into a Pinterest daydream. I imagine my house to be decorated with homemade wreathes and everything to be softly lit by sparkly candles. I imagine curling up on the sofa in the evening under a blanket after a long day of crunchy leaf walks and fun (but beautiful) pumpkin or leaf-based crafts with my toddler. I imagine making loads of pies. (Not to eat all at once, although I do have a large capacity for pie-eating).

I also start to feel the pressure of making beautiful blog posts at this time of year. Like 101 things to do with the insides of pumpkins or how to make something pretty with your toddler to pin up on your fridge. That is the problem with being kind of artsy. You feel this enormous pressure to not be too late for seasonal things. All the cool kids were making their autumn crafts in, like, July. (They really weren't. The cool kids were probably sneaking into clubs and getting tattoos or something.)

I mean, I love autumn. I love the colours, I love the cool weather, I love the feeling of being cosy inside when the nights start drawing in. I love being outside in it. Frankly, I plan to be outside as often as I can over the next couple of months. I expect we will play in the leaves. We might go out firework-spotting in November. I will do a bit of baking because we have an enormous bag of cooking apples to use up.

I like having an excuse to wear big shirts and leggings all day long. It's seasonal!

But I'm letting go of sparkly-pumpkin-cinnamon-spiced perfection. Maybe one day. I do admire those women that can make their home look lovely whilst looking after small children and creating beautiful masterpieces ... but for now, it's good for her, not for me.

I like doing easy stuff to celebrate the season. My activities have all the heart of all those lovely Pinterest things, but none of the finesse. My crafts say 'I really love this time of year but I don't have the skills of patience to make anything particularly pretty or photogenic!'

If you are like me, and your crafts are made with love but are a bit wonkaloid, then read on, my friend. I will make you a non-cinnamon-spiced instant coffee and maybe a choccie digestive while you read because that's how we roll in this house.

Autumn fruit printing

Q) What is easy to cut in half?


I dunno what these tiny pumpkins are made for but it's obviously not eating because good Lord they're hard to chop up. I mean, it doesn't help that our knives went blunt about three years ago and we no longer use them for cutting so much as sawing, but still.

So anyway. I remember doing this kind of thing as a kid. I thought it would be cute to include mini pumpkins. CLEARLY WRONG.

Pears and apples work pretty well, though. Cut in half, squidge in paint, stamp. Done.

Pictured: the inevitable. Yummy, painty pears.

Leaf window

One cute thing that was kind of perfect though was walking through the park with my excitable toddler collecting leaves. She kept saying things like 'a BEAUTIFUL tree, Mama!' which is obviously the cutest thing ever.

Anyway, I decided to stick these up in Jellybean's window as a kind of low-effort Autumn display. They look quite nice in the evening when the sun starts to set.

Autumn collages

I actually made this in preschool as a kid. I think my Mum still has it somewhere. Essentially you draw something that looks like this:

I'll give you a moment to enjoy my drawing skills.

Then your child can colour it in and smother it in glue and stick sunflower seeds on it. We also made a pumpkin:

And then a crazy free-for-all picture with all sorts of stuff on it:

So there we have it. Three autumn crafts for idealistic but slightly lazy people. Enjoy! :)


  1. Lovely fun, simple autumn crafts. I remember making autumn collages as a child with lentils etc. I should get my kids to try it.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    1. Thank you :) we did have a lot of fun with the lentils (but made a huge mess!) x

  2. I love these activities. I think we may try some of them here.

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