The Pyramid

Saturday, 3 October 2015

A while back I read this post by Jennifer Fulwiler and it has transformed my decision-making process. (Mostly). She suggests that, in order not to lose sight of our priorities, we should put them in order. Starting with the most important at the bottom. Here is mine:

This is not a black-and-white thing. Sometimes you need to be fluid with it. 'God' is, obviously, huge. I wouldn't expect Him to just sit in one box, even if it's just the biggest one, so I use that to kind of mean prayer and things like that. Chris and Jellybean come next. And so on.

It doesn't necessarily mean that I am going to ignore a friend having a crisis because I have scheduled to have a twenty minute workout and need to tick off my 'health' box. It's more fluid than that ... it's more of a grounding thing. More about what I spend my spare time doing, and what I allow the most room in my head.

I mean, our lives are made of making decisions. Big ones, like where to send your kids to school, and little ones, like what to have for dinner. Being good at making decisions is a vital kind of wisdom, but you can't always expect to get it right. Still, all those decisions make up the rhythm of our lives. They set the tone. And my gosh, I need to be more strict about what things I allow myself to dwell on. Some things need thought time and prayer. Some things just need to be ... let go.

(Some phrases are totally ruined by songs. 'Let it go' being an obvious one. Also the other day I accidentally said 'I've gotta get through this' to my husband. THANK YOU BRAIN for torturing me with that song for three days afterwards).

So anyway. I keep thinking about my pyramid when I get up in the mornings. Hoping to make the right choices and to prioritise the right things. Hoping to look after myself a bit more, too.

A little more organisation. A little less stress. That's the way forward.

I have always loved September for new starts. I love that back-to-school, new-beginnings feeling that it brings. But September has honestly passed by in a blur of sickness and a little bit of stress, so I'm making our new beginning month October instead.

October is the new September is the new January ;) pyramids are the new, er, something. I dunno. I think I need to have a lie down now ...

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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