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Friday, 9 October 2015

The last month or so has been kind of difficult in some ways and most of my mental energy has gone towards that. Just, you know, life stuff. Now I'm trying to regroup after a few weeks of rubbish and I'm determined to make changes to move forward.

Positivity. I might have it tattooed on me or something. Be positive, be positive, be positive!

So anyway I've been thinking seriously about this blog. I've been writing this for nearly three years now. It's funny looking back and seeing how much has changed. I would like to be a better blogger, really. I am massively inconsistent with my posting which I would like to change.

I suppose I've held back on the blog front because I know it can become all-consuming if you allow it to be. To be a successful blogger, I'd say, is nearly as much about how many connections you are willing to make as it is the content. I'm not very good at that. I'm not very good at gathering followers on Twitter. I'm not very good at making my blog more visible. I don't get stuff like SEO. I don't have a 'brand'. I'm unsure at this point whether or not I will push more towards that kind of stuff. I suppose you have to if you want more people to read it.

I just like writing. That's the thing. I like sharing my life with people. I suppose that is a bit narcissistic. But I can brush that opinion off (the way I see it, if you don't like it: don't read it. The end). I mean, I started this blog to share with a few close friends because I wanted a visible record of the fact that I was striving to be closer to God and to be more positive and to celebrate the little things.

Then I realised when I was pregnant with Jellybean that I get kind of riled up when I write sometimes and actually, sometimes my words can resonate with people, which is an awesome and kind of overwhelming thing. When I read a sentence and something in it clicks with me, and I think 'oh, I get that' then I feel that, in some small way, I have a connection with the person that wrote it. And to be able to write coherently enough to have that effect on someone else is quite something to me ;) 

The other element of my blog, which has been more recent, is about activity ideas and things like that. Practical stuff. I really enjoy writing that kind of thing too because those are the kind of blogs I spend hours cycling through. I like ideas that require little money (because we have none) and so I quite like putting those things up. I also like writing recipes. And book reviews! It's so nice to have a space to write down how I feel about a book, as well as instead of talking Chris's ear off about it.

But in the spirit of new starts (and I really need some new starts right now) I would like to ask your opinion. Because I'm trying to figure out what I want this blog to be. And I can't decide. The sensible thing to do would be to streamline, I think. To pick one thing and focus on it. But I love writing about all sorts of different things. I can't decide whether to just embrace the fact that my blog is always going to be about everything and just focus on being more consistent with posting (i.e practical posts on a Friday, waffly posts on a Monday, that sort of thing) or whether to, I don't know, ditch the activity ideas or something.

So I'd like to ask you a massive favour if you read this: would you mind answering some questions for me? You can just answer some of them or give me a general opinion (or none of those things, obviously!). You could comment here, or email me, or send me a PM on Facebook, or tweet me, or something.

  • What are your favourite kind of posts on this blog? 
  • Do you read blogs in general? What are the things you admire about your favourite blogs?
  • Would you prefer it if I only had my semi-emotional waffly kind of posts about life and motherhood and things on here, and get rid of my other stuff, or
  • Would you like to see more posts about raising children on a budget i.e. recipes, activity ideas, etc?
  • Is it clear when you look at my blog what it's about? Would you prefer a clearer layout with more obviously signposted categories?
Sorry, that's quite a few questions. Don't feel you have to answer. I just want to push forward and make more of an effort for you. For me that means focusing mostly on creating interesting posts to read. But also that involves fiddling with the layout if necessary/making more of an effort to learn technical things.

I do love blogging, all of it, and I don't feel in any way obliged to keep going with it. But I do enjoy sharing life with others. That's what I love about blogging - whether I'm reading a post about, I don't know, 101 things to do with gloop and thinking wow! I never knew you could do so much with gloop! or I'm reading an emotional post about motherhood and sitting there crying my eyes out, I think there's something inspiring about people sharing their (sometimes hard-earned) knowledge with others.

It beats reading celebrity gossip, anyway ;)

Anyway, if you have time, I'd appreciate feedback before I start making crazy changes! You can Tweet me @whispertoroar or email me at meganbidmead@gmail.com. Or send me an FB message/comment.

Now to raise the money to chop all my hair off ... #newhairnewstart

Love to you all!

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