September Round-Up

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Bad blogger

I've been a very inconsistent blogger this month. Partly due to disorganisation, and partly due to FLIPPING illnesses. Again. And again. It seems that once one of us has gotten over it, the other one goes down with it. As we speak, I am sitting here in my PJ's at half past two in the afternoon with my hair scraped back into a Mum bun while Jellybean lounges on the sofa next to me with a temperature. Autumn illnesses have arrived and pummelled us all. I have been making smoothies with lots of healthy things in and taking vitamins and where has that gotten me? Nowhere.

But I am hoping we will have brilliant reinforced immune systems for the rest of the winter. *Crosses fingers* *sneezes*

It's also been a really fun month with birthdays and board games and a food festival and lots of lovely walks in the cooler weather. But I haven't saved up much to write about because, you know, ill. For the last couple of weeks. Almost constantly.

Got some fun posts coming up though so I hope you can forgive me :)

Mental health things

I had a some really lovely, thoughtful, and honest responses to my post about depression, which made me feel good about posting it. I wrote it a few weeks before and dithered about it for a long time. The thing about depression is that it kind of makes you want to curl up in a shadowy corner and be ignored by everybody. I've found that misery doesn't actually like company very much at all. But, I like company, and I like that people felt brave enough to tell me that they are suffering from mental health issues, or that their loved ones suffer from it, and it made me realise even more that these kind of things need to be talked about.

So thank you for that. For reading it and for messaging me/commenting on it. I really appreciate it. The more I talk about it, process it, and learn about it, the more I realise that anxiety is not actually part of me, it is just something that is happening to me, and holding onto that distinction is really important.


Jellybean turned two this month, which was right at the start of the month, and she loved every single second of being the birthday girl. We loved every single second of being parents-to-the-birthday-girl. There's something so magical and innocent about special occasions when you have a kid.

I was much more organised this year, and therefore a lot more chilled out on the day itself. It was so lovely to see her excitement on the morning of her birthday. 'Gonna be cake ... candles ... dancin'... balloooooons ...'

It was a day of pure happiness. And you could not find me, after she had fallen asleep on our bed in a state of total exhaustion that night, having a sniff of her hair and a little cry. No, you could not.

I did make a good cake this time:

May not look amazing but tasted pretty good ...

Here's my photo round up of the month:

Look out for October. Got lots of cool posts planned!

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