August Round Up! End of summer woes and Banksy fever

Friday, 4 September 2015

Bit late this month, sorry. I usually like to publish these on the last day of the month. But life happened and now I've had to sit here looking through photos and wondering what I actually did this month. Here we are anyway - enjoy some delicious waffle!


I have a toddler that loves the outdoors.

I actually think she would live outside if she could. Only coming indoors to occasionally watch a bit of Bing before popping back out again for dinner. So we have really, really enjoyed our garden this summer.

Pictured: NOT my garden

The other day I just lay there for a moment on the grass, watching my daughter taste all the herbs in the garden (all of them are 'yucky' apparently) and listening to people in their gardens enjoying the sunshine and I thought: ahhhhhh. I love the summer.

I really loved this season ... and I'm so not looking forward to the arrival of the spiders. *shudder*

Books and a shameful television addiction

I've been reading some really nice stuff this summer. Including Hippy Dinners by Abbie Ross which was so warm and lovely and funny and I am going to put a review up soon. Soon!

We also re-started our Netflix account and, pathetically, I am into Pretty Little Liars. Like properly into it. It is my new One Tree Hill. I mean - it's for teenagers, and the storyline is totally ridiculous, but I just love it, even if it is just to stare at their immaculate hair.

You know when you watch a film and a character gets woken up and they happen to look like they've just stepped out of a salon? That is what this TV show is like. Only all the time. I don't understand how these teenagers have time to look so perfect to go to school. When do they sleep? I think I pretty much slept through my entire teenage years. And when I went to school I just about had time to straighten my fringe and slap an epic amount bit of eyeliner on.

I was about as uncool as you could get at school though, so maybe that was where I went wrong. My lack of commitment to hair bounciness.

It's nice to have a bit of escapism though. Plus it's got just enough casual murder/blackmail in it to balance out the teenage drama.

'Okay, Mom, now I've spent fifteen hours getting ready I'm off to school!'



(Oh gosh, I've been watching too much PLL. 'Totally!' I hate myself.)

We went into town on the locals' only day thinking we might fancy popping along, and we saw the size of the queue and thought 'there's no way we're going to get tickets'. Unfortunately, I was seized with the sudden feeling that I had to get into Dismaland otherwise the world was going to end so we queued, probably for just over an hour, but we got in.

My goodness, I love it. It's just so good. So many brilliant artists and in such a perfect setting. Plus we went to see DJ Yoda there, which was all kinds of awesome (if you are friends with me on Facebook you will know this because I didn't shut up about it).

(This is the required level of miserable for a photograph opportunity at Dismaland. ALL of the rest of the time I was wandering around grinning and saying 'this is sooooo cool.')

So good though. If you're nearby and you fancy a visit, you should! It's worth dealing with the ridiculous website and being frisked by grumpy staff members on your way in. ;)

So, goodbye summer. It's been a good one. Hello autumn, I guess ...

Love to you all!

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