Summer activities for your sand and water table!

Monday, 31 August 2015

So, we have this:

Kindly bought for Jellybean by her lovely grandparents, and we have played the-heck-with it all summer (I know that sentence doesn't work). Anyway, as well as sand, we've done a few different things, so I thought I'd give you late-summer-sand-tray ideas:

1. Ball sorting

Water, spoon, bowls, balls.

That's it.

Jellybean really enjoyed this on a rare hot day as a way of cooling down. Plus it was super easy!

2. Nature soup

I got this idea from Meri Cherry and it is awesome. Basically, it is water, some flowers, cut up limes, herbs, sticks, and stones. Essentially, what I could forage from my garden (and fridge).

Mr Fish has to be within close reach at all times.

Jellybean had fun sieving/scooping up the things in the water and she told me it 'mells nice' which was, er, kind of true.

This one was really fun to set up. It's nice to have her playing with natural stuff from time to time. Which is funny as the following idea is the total opposite ;)

3. Fairy Soup

Inspired by the nature soup thing, we made fairy soup: water, pink food colouring, flowers, and lots of sparkly goodies (a friend summed it up as 'precious things' which kind of describes what it looked like).

My niece was SO into this. She made endless cups of 'fairy tea' while my daughter dumped handfuls of sequins onto my patio (where they now live).

Nothing says 'summer' like bright blue toenails. 

Admittedly this was the hardest one to clean up but definitely the prettiest activity of the three and kept them both occupied for a whopping forty-five minutes.


Anyway, it was nice to have a change from sand (even though sand is great) and I've realised how versatile this little table is. It has a plug for easy messy-stuff-removal and I can see us using it loads even in autumn/winter. You can buy it here if you're interested (I promise this is not a sponsored post, I just really like the table!)

Looking forward to reading some more summer craft ideas on the Mumsnet summer crafts linky! I want to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of summer once it stops flipping raining.

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