Sketchbooks, paint and toddlers

Saturday, 11 July 2015

I'm always on the look out for things that Jellybean and I can do together that don't involve me putting high-pitched voices on for her dollies or reading the same book for the twentieth time in a row. (Not that I don't love doing those things ...!) and I like the idea of allowing children to use the same things that adults would, giving them real tools and things to play with.

Enter the sketchbooks. And the paintbrushes. And the paints ...

I started off just giving her normal poster paints splodged on an old container lid, and we shared a pack of paintbrushes (all different sizes) that we bought from The Works for a few quid. However, pretty quickly, she caught on that I was using something she wasn't and suddenly the poster paints weren't very interesting ...

So I let her have the watercolours and she practised dipping her paintbrushes in water, then mixing it all up and smearing the results all over the paper (and my art supplies, and her face).

But you know, that's what sinks and baths are for, right?

But she really enjoyed it. I think she felt that she was grown-up for doing the same thing as Mummy. While I played around with the new paintbrushes, she got to do the same.

I think I actually prefer her sketchbook to mine ...

The bonus is, now whenever we do painting or drawing we do it in the sketchbook which means I don't end up having to either store a million bits of paper or having the horrible guilt of putting bundles of paintings into the recycling. Yay!

We've used these sketchbooks a few times now. She is quite content, in the midst of a mad day of running around constantly and trying to climb on the furniture, to sit down and do something as long as I will do it with her, so this is quite a nice, calm thing for us to enjoy. I think I might try to get hold of some different paint soon to try and mix it up a bit.

But there we go. Toddler + cheap sketchbook + cheap paints and brushes = happiness :)

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