June Round Up! Getting older and not wiser

Thursday, 2 July 2015

I cannot believe it is July already! So, the latter part of last month has been almost entirely swallowed up by job hunting and I've had no time or energy left to write (or think, really). But here are some highlights from June:


So, at the beginning of this month, we loaded up the car with things and headed off to Devon, which was brilliant. It was weird - and lovely - to have a holiday with Jellybean that was very similar to the kind of holidays that I had as a kid. So many memories came back to me - the smell of a hot caravan at the end of a long day, achy feet after walking constantly, bundles of leaflets for local attractions - which was lovely. It was also weird, because we were doing things for Jellybean that our parents did for us (making picnics, carrying her out of the car after she fell asleep on the way back to the caravan). It opened up a nice, but difficult to place, emotion in me. Something like joy and longing and being overwhelmed by time passing all at once.

It was also way harder to say goodbye to this holiday than saying goodbye to Lanzarote for some reason.

It was just ... so nice. The wildlife and dinosaur park (that Chris and I visited on our honeymoon, which again, triggered lots of nice memories), the bizarre mish-mash of things that was Watermouth Castle, the lovely little seaside shops and the rocky beach of Ilfracombe ... I feel like I have memories now implanted firmly in my brain forever from our four night stay there. Even our first morning, when it poured with rain and there was nothing to do but watch Milkshake and play with blocks and stare longingly out of the caravan windows was kind of fun.

Plus we had the extra joy of turning up to our budget-level chalet to find that our fridge was broken and we had to be moved to the only remaining place, which was a posher, nicer caravan. Which is the kind of thing that I always want to happen to me, but never does. Yay!


No I'm not making a pregnancy announcement! Our amazing friends Sarah and Andy celebrated the arrival of their beautiful baby boy this month ... so congratulations my lovelies, he is awesome, you have a beautiful family :)

Getting older

I am 27 now! We worked out that this is the tenth time Chris has celebrated my birthday with me (because that's how long we've been together, not because he picks and chooses when to celebrate my birthdays, that would be weird) which makes me feel MEGA OLD.

Actually, I quite like getting older. At the moment. Check back in a few years to see if I still feel the same way.

Getting stronger

I've started exercising and it's pretty sporadic, but I've noticed something. I can actually do squats now. Like, more than three of them. Without feeling like my thighs might burst into flame. Or wanting to swear at the lovely person on Youtube instructing me.

Jellybean loves my at-home workouts. While I squat (and try not to scream with pain) she shouts 'UP DOWN! UP DOWN!' and stomps around with me. Sometimes she approaches me with my trainers in her hand and says 'Dance, Mama?' and I make up an excuse for not doing it

I am determined to do more though. One day, I will be fit and strong. I've got quite a lot of birthday chocolate to eat, though, and obviously that takes priority.

Anyway, here's some photos from this month (lots of them, because holiday!)

It's been a good one! Thanks for reading :)

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