Kids' book review: Littleland

Thursday, 25 June 2015

I've been meaning to do another book review for a while now. Recently we've been making the most of our local libraries, and I was happy to find this amongst some of the more, er, well-loved books there. This brand new, beautiful, colourful book: Littleland All Year Round.

The Littleland series is about a group of (adorable) animals, and All Year Round sees them in different places throughout the seasons: on their way to nursery in the winter, a farm in the spring, a beach in the summer, a park in the autumn. Each scene has a double page spread and there is just so much to look at.

I have a toddler and she is learning some pretty deep concepts right now: about light and darkness, day and night, hot and cold. She is learning that when the sun shines you feel warm, that when something is difficult to lift it is called 'heavy', that when things run out they are 'empty'. She is understanding that when we go out we need to put on shoes, that when the sun shines we need to wear hats. She points out the smallest little details: an ant carrying a leaf on the ground in the garden, a thread dangling from my cardigan. She wants to know everything about everything. It is amazing watching her soak everything up, like a sponge, taking in more and more.

This book, then, is perfect for her. There is so much to see - not just the characters, what they're wearing, what they're doing, but also things in the environment, how the leaves are on the ground in the autumn scene, how someone has lost a glove in one of the winter scenes. We talk about how the teddy bear holds a ticket ready to get onto the train in the train station scene. She spots tiny little birds and butterflies, sticks on the ground. There is so much rich detail on each page for us to discuss. And some of the things she sees triggers memories for her: the time we went to the beach and Mummy went in the sea, for example.

We have had so much entertainment out of this book I couldn't help but write a blog post about it. If we owned it, I could see that we would enjoy it for a long time to come. If you have (or you know) an inquisitive toddler, I heartily recommend it!

Littleland: All Year Round is published by Nosy Crow.

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