Word of the Week: Action

Friday, 15 May 2015


Since the election happened last week, the idea that the Conservative government are now in charge for the next five years has slowly started to sink in. I thought my initial feeling upon the result (despair) might start to fade as the days went on, and I could return to my happy little 'as long as my loved ones are okay, I don't mind what happens' bubble.

I haven't.

You see, the more I think about it, the more I think 'no, actually, I'm not happy with this and I want my voice to be heard'. I'm not happy with the fact that Cameron got in on a mere 36.7 percent of the vote. I'm concerned for what is to come over the next five years.

I've talked about this to the point where I can't articulate it any more.

But it did get me thinking.

Although politics are a delicate subject, and a very emotional one, I'm hoping I achieve the balance between being passionate and outspoken and being sensitive to people's feelings. My initial reaction when I saw the news on Friday morning was 'I HATE EVERYONE BLARGGH.' Actually, that's a silly way to feel: everybody is different, there is no black and white. I do understand some of the reasons why people voted the way they did (especially on a local level).

Years ago, though, I wouldn't dare say anything about how I felt, online or in real life. I just wouldn't. I wouldn't trust myself to get the words out properly: I'd shrink back instead, allowing other people to debate and remaining silent.

Sometimes remaining silent is the strong, wise thing to do.

Sometimes remaining silent is not the right thing to do.

Sometimes, more crucially, speaking and not acting upon it is even worse.

I'm praying for the future of our country and I'm praying that God will help turn my frustration, anxiety, and fear into something tangible, something physically productive. More than ever, as a Christian, I can show God's love to people by sharing what I have, by being empathetic, by understanding what people are going through, by helping in whatever practical way I can.

I write. That's what I do. I like words. But I hope that God will show me how to move beyond words into something practical. And I pray that He will change my heart, from one of fear into one of boldness.

I also pray that God will help me to be careful. I can see that my heart might become hardened as the next five years unfold. It's so easy to see high-up politicians - especially when they make certain policy changes or decisions - as monsters. I pray that I won't lose my compassion for them, too.


I found an awesome linky that I never knew existed! It's called Word of the Week, hosted by Jocelyn of The Reading Residence. You pick a word that you want to write about, and then just write. Perfect.

The Reading Residence


  1. So lovely that you've found my linky, thank you for joining in and sharing. I think 'action' is a truly powerful word, and one that so few actually take. I hear moans, opinions and thoughts, but it is action that causes change and gets things done. Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you for hosting it! Such a good idea for a linky.

      Thank you for your comment ... I realised it's really easy to complain but I hope to challenge myself to make a positive difference. Somehow ...! x

  2. The election last week - and it was just last week - was very dramatic wasn't it, on so many levels. Following that I've heard so much commentary and discussion about what next but so few people doing something about it. Good for you that you've decided to actually take action.

    1. Thank you. Problem is I'm not entirely sure what that action is yet! I feel like I'm waiting on tenterhooks to see what happens next. You're right, it was very dramatic!

  3. I am not a voter in this country. Its still emotional till now. I hope this would result to good changes. We can only hope for the best. #wotw

    1. I hope it will too. The problem I find is that I try to think with my head and end up getting emotional about it. You're right though, it's important to look for the positives in everything x


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