Pastel colours and fluffy bunny rabbits! It's an Easter crafts post!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

It's the Easter holidays! As a stay at home Mum of an eighteen month old, this doesn't make a huge difference to me, practically. Except the fact that all groups/activities are off for two weeks. So we've had to find more things to do around the house.

Enter Easter crafts!

I've been meaning to make rainbow rice for Jellybean for ages but haven't got round to it. It's really easy - food colouring + rice + ziplock bag. Put them together, shake until the colour has dyed all of the rice, and then lay them out overnight on a plate or a baking tray to dry. 

Then because I am a sucker for last-minute supermarket purchases (and they were cheap and adorable) I bought these little plastic eggs and tiny bunnies and chicks. The way I justified this is that we aren't getting her an Easter egg, as she'll get some chocolate from her grandparents anyway and I am trying desperately not to get her addicted to it like her father.

Anyway, I laid it all out as in the picture above. And of course she didn't notice that the eggs opened or that anything was inside so I had to open them for her, but the look on her face was totally adorable. She said 'WOW' in this hushed voice of awe. Currently, as I write this, she is scooping them all up into her arms and holding them close to her face, saying 'Ahhhh.'

Totally worth it!

Plus rainbow rice looks really cool when the colours get mixed up, as they are now while she's scooping and pouring it:

A super quick activity that is keeping my daughter occupied long enough for me to write a blog post. Yay!

I've also been considering the fact that I don't really decorate our home for Easter, even though really, it should be just as important (well, probably moreso) to me than Christmas is, as a Christian. I'm hoping over time I can start building up some Easter decorations for our house. In the meantime, we made this:

We picked up some twigs from the park, popped them in my Mum's vase which I forgot to give back even though I borrowed it three months ago, and attached little Easter eggs to it, which Jellybean painted. I was even brave enough to introduce her to glitter. (Heavily supervised)

It looks a bit bare and homemade but I still kind of like it. ;)

Last but not least, I broke out the glue for the first time ever to make a cross to display in our house for Easter (and which will probably end up on Jellybean's wall after that). 

I used recycled materials (in the style of Blue Peter) - bits of cardboard and cut up squares from magazines. And glue. Plus a layer of glue over the whole thing afterwards to protect it a bit.

I was surprised at how much Jellybean enjoyed this activity. Now I keep looking at things that we were previously going to put in the recycling in a different light in case I can cut things out of them for later use.

Hope this is somewhat inspiring for anyone with a small child around the house that they have to keep occupied (doubly tricky with not much money and terrible weather). I'm trying to get a bit more creative with Jellybean and I've realised maybe I underestimate her ability to hold things and not a) destroy them or b) eat them. So there might be a few more crafty posts coming up soon.

For more Easter/springtime craft ideas, you can have a look at my Pinterest board here!

So - that's what we've been up to. Now I am on panic-prep-for-holiday mode. Hope you're all having a good Easter break :)

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