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Sunday, 12 April 2015

So, it's been ridiculously warm these past few days. It seems to have come on so suddenly - one day I was wearing my winter coat, the next, there's blazing sunshine and I'm having to dig out my summer clothes from the wardrobe and go to the effort of shaving my legs. (TMI?!)

Anyway, it's weather like this that makes me so glad we live within walking distance of a park, and it makes my heart happy to see it full of families playing and people walking their dogs. Although sometimes, Jellybean and I go really early in the morning and there is literally no-one there, which is nice in a different way.

Yesterday we skipped the playpark and went for the grassy area instead.

I was thinking, whilst walking to the shops after we had played in the park, that the sunshine makes everything seem a bit brighter and happier, in the same way that snow makes everything look pretty. I just feel brighter. I notice the beauty in things when they're bathed in sunlight. 

Sometimes, I make the mistake of thinking that other people's lives are that bright, sunshiney and perfect.

The thing is, you could walk past me with my beautiful toddler in her floppy hat, both of us sprawled on the grass and sharing a banana, and think that my life is utterly perfect, and in that moment, I suppose it is. However, you didn't see the moment before, when Jellybean threw a tantrum because her ball was a few steps in front of her, but she didn't want to walk over to get it (her reasons for tantrums are becoming more and more ridiculous). Or any of the other less-than-shiny moments we had that day.

I was walking along, deep in thought about this, when I spotted a woman jogging with three beautifully dressed children riding their bikes in a line behind her. It looked perfect: a gorgeous family, exercising together, the children following their mother obediently. I was walking past them when suddenly the eldest child refused to go any further and had a strop because she didn't want to go any further.

It made me smile, because I felt a kind of unspoken camaraderie with the parent. Obviously, I don't want other parents to have to deal with tantrums and attitudes all the time, because it's hard work, but that's what kids do. All of them. As a parent, you can strive all you want for a perfect life, but you'll never get it, because kids are unpredictable little beings that sometimes behave badly, and they often change both your mood and your plans. No matter what Supernanny style techniques you have up your sleeve.

But that's okay. It teaches you to be patient. Sometimes I am patient through gritted teeth, but still, patient. It teaches you to be flexible and accommodating and to practice giving grace and forgiveness.

And those perfect, sharing-a-banana-in-a-beautiful-landscape moments? They're still perfect. They're still worth embracing and capturing and keeping in your heart. 

They're still worth chasing.

I hope that everybody has a chance to get out and enjoy the weather while it lasts, and I pray for beautiful sunshiney-perfect moments for all of you this weekend :)

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. You're right. It's good to remember that perfection has often been photoshopped! Days out with the kids are still special though even if there are one or two strops on the way and I know exactly what you mean about camaraderie with other parents. #CountryKids

    1. Yep, days out are definitely still worth it. Even the most perfect days can still include a strop or two ;) thank you for reading x

  2. I share the sentiment here completely, I still remember quiet moments like this with my children at Jellybean's age. there is something quite warming to the heart about the first warm days of spring. Lovely photos in the daisies there. A time to remember. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    1. Thank you for the comment. The last few days have been so beautiful, it makes me really excited for summer. It's lovely to see my daughter enjoying nature (and it wears her out too!) x

  3. I love encountering those parenting moments where you think it's only you, but then feel a connection! Nobody is perfect :) #countrykids


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