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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Bit of self-absorbed waffle coming up!

I appear to be emerging from a post-Christmas lull into proper writing again. I've got lots of ideas in my head, and a lot of them revolve around making time for creativity as an adult, and also encouraging creative expression in children. I'm taking these posts quite seriously though, which essentially means a lot of re-reading, sighing, and deleting stuff. But they are on their way.

While we're on the topic of taking things seriously, I have some Stuff That I Have to Deal With (doesn't everyone?) but I am totally determined to not allow myself to sink back into old habits and thought patterns this year. In times of stress, loneliness, or worry, I slip right back into the groove of the worst bits of me, and frankly, I'm not that person any more. I don't need an emotional crutch in the form of old habits. So that's been on my mind a lot. I've been trying to deal with things head on as opposed to avoiding or burying them. Which I will write about properly soon. But to be honest, I've been avoiding properly writing because then I'd have to confront it sooner. Does that make sense? 

Also, I've been putting a lot of blogging time into redesigning the layout, screaming at my laptop and being totally confused by HTML. So there's that.


Also, I am joining in with 31 Days of Sensory Play, hosted by Emma of Adventures of Adam! Unfortunately I didn't join in until a week or so into January, so we haven't done all of it, but essentially it is a challenge to enjoy some kind of sensory play with your child, every day for a month. It's nice, because it's becoming quite a focused time of our day to spend time together, and actually, doing stuff like this was a huge part of why I wanted to stay home with her anyway. I like to see her learning, exploring the world, and discovering new things. It seems to be helping her language development, too, which is an unexpected side effect. She's learnt a few new words this week, related to the sensory things we've been doing. Which is cool.

If you, like me, need ideas for stuff to do with children, whether they are yours or children you look after, I'd suggest popping over to the blog for some inspiration. Some of the stuff we might not be able to do, but most of it is quite easy to do with stuff you have lying around at home.

I might do an end-of-the-month post about this :)

Anyway ... that's my waffle for the weekend. Hope you have a good one!

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