Thursday, 1 January 2015

I feel the need for a lot of exclamation marks in my post today. Sorry in advance.

It's 2015! I turn 27 this year! Chris turns 30!!! It's only a year-and-a-bit to go until we have been together for - wait for it - TEN YEARS.


I have started the year by making pancakes (productive) and laying on the floor, being held hostage by my book-obsessed child because I couldn't get back up again (er, kind of productive). The part of me that can cope with a busy day after very little sleep just doesn't seem to want to function today.

'Mummy, while you're here you may as well read me Penguin for the eleven millionth time.'

I will return to normal posting soon. After we have dealt with the kitchen. And the mountain of recycling. And the overflowing washing basket. And the Christmas decorations ...

Also, does anyone else have a junk food hangover? I am literally sick of nibbles. Our house is still pretty well-stocked with delicious, chocolatey things and I take one look at them and think '... I might just eat a stick of celery or something.'

Normal writing resumes on Monday. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year! :)

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