New Friday posts! And a post about exploring outdoors (even when it's freezing)

Friday, 12 December 2014

Hi. So, just to let you know, I am finished with Seven Quick Takes on a Friday. I enjoyed doing it, but I wanted a change, and as it's moving over to a new host I thought now would be a good time. I plan to join in with Post, Comment, Love (otherwise known as PoCoLo) on a Friday instead.

Also, a great linky that I've wanted to join in with is Country Kids, hosted by the Coombe Mill blog. Essentially these are posts that celebrate and encourage people to get out into nature and enjoy being outdoors with their kids.

So my post today is about that. Clear as mud, right? I dunno, I'm still getting my head around this part of blogging myself. But I'm enjoying the blogging community a lot. Anyway, let's get on with the post!


So we're talking about Going Outside today.

You know, outside. Where people are. *shudder*

Joking! I totally love people mostly.

Anyway, Jellybean and I spent a lovely half an hour or so in the park last week, and I thought I'd write about it. Every season has its benefits, I think. Spring for it's gorgeous sense of awakening, of things growing and coming to life. Summer for beaches and the fact that I don't have to wear a million layers or carry a coat around with me. Autumn for its spectacle of colour and cosiness. Winter?

Winter has Christmas, I guess.

That's how I used to feel. And to be fair, those long January/February days where the sun doesn't really seem to rise and the rain is freezing on your skin and everything seems grey, those days are a bit frustrating at times. But sunny winter days? I love those. Everything seems so still and quiet.

There is beauty in the stark landscapes.

Anyway, I took my daughter out as we waited for Chris to be done at the dentist. I love going out in the morning, too: less busy, and it makes me feel quite productive (even if I've left the house in an absolute state).

A lens flare that would make JJ Abrams proud.

Obviously we had to stop at the play park. Stomping on the slide in welly boots creates a delightful noise that is, apparently, utterly hilarious.

But the best part was just stopping for a moment after crunching in the last of the leaves, hidden under a canopy of trees. We sat on a log. We looked at things. We watched squirrels jumping around feet away from us. We watched dogs chase said squirrels. We saw a plane quite close in the clear sky and waved at it. We talked about what we could hear.

And then we waited for Daddy to join us.

Honestly, sometimes I feel the cold and think 'nah', but then guilt kicks in and I think my daughter needs fresh air as well as warm and cosy homes or playgroups. But when we get outdoors, I realise how nice it is just to switch off and enjoy the winter.

Even if it is flipping cold.

So get out there! Forget shopping. Go Christmas-decoration-spotting instead! Or squeeze in one more leaf-crunching session before it all turns to mulch. Pop your thermal knickers on (other layers might be a good idea too) and I'll meet you at the park. ;)

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Gorgeous images of your little one and I love a good lens flare shot. My camera phone gets them perfectly but my whizzy proper camera can never capture quite right - clearly the camera's fault! Like you I love a good cold, sunny winter's day - perfect :)

    1. Thank you! The camera on my phone isn't great but seemed to do a good job this time ;) loving the sunny winter days, definitely. Hoping it doesn't turn into rainy days yet. xx

  2. I think getting outside changes the mood of the day. We love a bit of a run around in the park!

    1. It definitely helps to clear my head. Plus anything to tire out energetic children is good in my book! x


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