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Monday, 1 December 2014

So, it's DECEMBER! That means it's officially cool to get excited about Christmas!


*Plays awful Christmas music*

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you a few of Jellybean's favourite toys. She received a lot of nice things for her birthday in September. It can be hard to buy for this inbetween stage - not-quite-toddler, definitely-not-tiny-baby - so hopefully this will give someone out there a bit of inspiration.

1. Toybox by Early Learning Centre

Chris's auntie and uncle generously bought us lots of these little figures, plus some vehicles for them to go in. They are sturdy and chunky, easy to get in and out of their vehicles, and they make clicking sounds when you move their limbs (which Jellybean enjoys). They are so cute, we play with them a lot - they are a perfect first 'small world' toy set.

You can buy these on the Early Learning Centre website.

2. Anything by Eichhorn

Eichhorn make lovely wooden toys, and we had a bunch of them from different people for Jellybean's birthday. She loves them, and so do I, because I know they'll last for a long time. Our particular favourite is the bucket of wooden blocks. They are not only good quality and colourful, but they have longevity: when she's finished building towers, Jellybean likes putting them away through the shape-sorter lid, and carrying the bucket around like a very heavy handbag. She also likes hiding the small blocks in my shoes

The Eichhorn website is here. I have seen a lot of these toys in TK Maxx!

3. VTech Shake and Move Puppy


I could write a whole blog post on the misadventures of this dog, but let's just say this for now: he is officially part of our family. This little dog gets switched on first thing in the morning and turned off (with relief) when Jellybean goes to bed. In the meantime? He wanders around the house like, well, a little pet.

To be fair, he is quite cute, albeit very noisy. He has buttons you can press to make him sing songs. If you shake his bone, he sings songs. If you pat him on the head, he sings songs. He also stands up on his back legs and twirls around. And zooms across the floor. And sings songs.

My parents bought this for Jellybean because they knew she was (still is!) utterly obsessed with dogs, and initially she was scared of him. Now? She loves him. I'm slightly less keen

He is more than a toy. He is part of our lives. He is noisy, he never goes the direction you want him to go, and he gets under your feet. I trip over him at least three times a day. Essentially, he is as close to a real pet as we are going to get for now.

Buy him at your own risk. Your child may fall in love with it. And you will be singing 'Look at me! I can do a trick. Shake the bone, and soon you'll see. I can run and jump and plaaaaaaaaaaaay...' for the rest of your days.


If you are of the crafty persuasion, I've had a little nosey round Pinterest for some homemade present ideas for babies/toddlers. From And Next Comes L is a guide to making Quiet Books (which sounds like a good idea to me!). If you are feeling brave, Red Ted Art has a fingerpaint recipe, which looks like a proper present when you put them in little jars. Finally, Nurture Store has come up with a hide and seek puzzle idea, which looks both easy and pretty cute.

Have a good week, and join me next Monday when I will be telling you all about my failure of a Christmas messy play project!

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