Mummy Mondays - Pinterest fails and Christmas treasure box!

Monday, 8 December 2014

I've been pinning Christmas related things like a woman possessed, and I decided, finally, to do some snow-themed messy play with Jellybean a week or so ago.

I had it planned out: glitter, plus Sainsbury's Basics shaving foam, plus nice little snowflakes = pretty and fun to play with. I mixed it together in a bowl. It looked like snow. Snow that smelt a bit like a teenager that had neglected to shower and sprayed half a ton of cheap deodorant on instead, but still. Pretty snow!

Jellybean hated it.

As in, she was literally disgusted by it. I put a bit on her hands and she was furiously trying to wipe it off, all the time saying 'Eurrrrrrrrrrghhhh!' and poking her tongue out in utter disgust.

I said, 'But it's fun! Look! It's like snow!'

She turned her back on me and my little stinky sparkly bowl of foam.

So, there we are. If you would like to try this as a play idea, I can tell you it's cheap and it feels nice and you can pretend it's like snow, but I can also tell you that sometimes toddlers don't want to play ball.


Anyway, she's now obsessed with the Christmas tree (obviously) so today I put together a little treasure basket for her, which I haven't done in a long time, but here we are:


I've got lots of objects and plan to mix it up every now and then for her: baubles, strings of beads, tinsel, plastic decorations, wooden decorations, gold-sprayed pinecones, as well as a scoop to pick things up with and smaller containers to move things in and out. Hopefully she will enjoy this sensory activity and enjoy sorting things, putting things in and out of containers, and feeling all their textures and stuff and hopefully it will keep her away from the tree.

There we are, that's Mummy Mondays for you. Are your little ones obsessed with your Christmas tree? Have you had any baby activities that have fallen flat like I have? (I still plan to make her peppermint and cinnamon playdough before Christmas. Because I am a sucker for blimming Pinterest ideas). Comments are welcome as always :)
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  1. I love this post! Would you be interested in linking it up to my new linky #playdaymayday - a place to share those activities that don't quite go to plan! Glad the treasure box was a success :)

    1. Ah, thank you! Glad my Pinterest fail can be used for some good, lol. I love the linky - expect many more play-based failures to come from me! ;) x

    2. Not wishing failure upon you but whoo look forward to them! haha. Thanks for linking up x


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