Mummy Mondays - the best playdough recipe?

Monday, 17 November 2014

Playdough. It's messy. It's smelly. It gets stuck in the carpet. And it is a childhood staple. When I crack open a bright plastic pot of playdough as an adult all it takes is a quick sniff and it transports me to sitting around the dining room table in our house in Hastings when I was a kid, making some unrecognizable creation (and probably mixing up the colours, gahhh).

I always wanted the weird dentist set where you use playdough to put fillings in teeth in a giant mouth. Do you remember that? I am pretty sure I circled that in the Argos book a few Christmases in a row.

Of all the cool playdough toys you could get, why did I want this one so much?!

Anyway, I have since discovered homemade playdough, which has the same therapeutic qualities as the store-bought stuff, but is cheaper. I've tried a few recipes out now - some that you have to make on the hob (disaster) some that involve boiling water and cold water etc ... but I believe I have found the easiest and quickest option.

You can find the recipe here. It is ridiculously easy and has the added bonus of not needing cream of tartar, which I always forget to buy because, what do you actually use it for?! (Other than playdough). It keeps nicely in the fridge for a good week I'd say - although you might need to knead a bit more flour into it when you want to play with it again.

It's also easy enough to make with a small child if you have the patience of a saint and don't mind children making a hideous mess.

(I would say Jellybean helped me make this and that's why its so messy but she totally just watched me while I sprayed flour everywhere).

Jellybean is at the age where she just sits and prods playdough or squishes it up a bit, but she still enjoyed it, while I made the only thing I ever make when I play with playdough (snails).

The cool thing about homemade playdough is that you can make it any colour/flavour you want. And you can add things to it. Like glitter and stuff. Pinterest is bursting with ideas for playdough flavours. I have even started my own board just for playdough recipes. That is how much choice there is.

It stores pretty well, too. I kept ours in little glass jars in the fridge and we played with them on and off for a couple of weeks. I just kneaded a bit more flour in each time because the cold makes it a bit too wet.

You can find the super easy recipe I mention above on From the Mrs, which is a great blog.

Wishing you all a blessed and potentially playdough filled week :)

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