7 quick takes #23 - Can we talk about Christmas yet?

Friday, 28 November 2014


It's not even December yet. And my Christmas shopping is ...





Okay, it's not. But it's nearly done. I've got, like, three presents left to buy, and two of those are joint presents we're buying with other people. So essentially, everything I am personally responsible for buying is bought.


That's the most successful I've ever been at Christmas shopping, ever.

I draw the line at wrapping them. It doesn't feel right to wrap them before the tree is up. *Twitches in anticipation*


Do you remember last week I had the revelation that babies' vests can be taken off downwards instead of over their heads? Totally blew my mind at the time. Well, I've found out another parenting fact for you today: plug socket covers are dangerous (in the UK).

You know, the things that are designed to make plug sockets safe? Totally dangerous. Maybe this is one of those things that everyone else knew but me, but as far as I know, every childcare setting I've worked in has used them in some capacity, and Ofsted don't officially endorse their use. Because they are dangerous.

You can find out more here. Chris immediately removed the one remaining plug socket cover we were using. I still have no idea where the others went. But it turns out I didn't have to worry about them anyway. We are like the Accidentally Super-Safe Parents.


Our Esther study has come to a close. I loved it. I've got loads to say about it, but unfortunately I haven't actually finished it yet as I was massively behind everyone else in the homework. I've actually studied the book of Esther before, but not in this depth, and once again I was totally floored by the story.

There will probably be a long waffly post about this coming up in the near future. I'm sad it's over. What will I read over Christmas?! Other than the two books I've been meaning to finish and probably still won't finish even though I have more time


I've been thinking a lot recently about the balancing act that a lot of people - particularly mothers - do on a day to day basis. I'm writing a few things about this, so you will probably see something about it next week. 

The thing that I'm really thinking of today though, is hobbies and creativity - how do I balance doing things that I love, creative things that inspire me (like blogging, for example) with motherhood and family life? I feel like there is a lot of guilt tied up in seeking things that make you happy, instead of working tirelessly to make everyone else happy all the time.

Does anyone else have this guilt? I'd be interested to hear from other people about it.


I went through phone photos just now to dig out all our Autumnal-leaf-crunching-joy pictures, and I found the above. Totally forgot about the time that I bathed Jellybean in the sink in the middle of the day because she got caked in paint. It turned out having a bath in the sink was about ten times more fun than the educational, sensory painting activity I laid out for her.

Which is usually the way.

I'm totally going to dunk her in the sink again when she wakes up from her nap. Who needs toys?!


Speaking of autumnal joy photos:

These pictures make my heart happy.


Today, I finally got round to sweeping up the leaves that had literally carpeted our garden over the past few weeks. They were going all slimy and horrible, so it felt like the right time to at least tidy them up a bit. I strapped Jellybean in her wellies and she stomped around in them. She also sat in puddles, said 'UH-OH!' a lot, pulled apart leaves into tiny pieces, found some rather pointy sticks and disturbed some pretty scary looking spiders.

She didn't want to come back inside.

It's made me determined to sort my garden out so she can enjoy it more next year. It needs a bit of an overhaul. I need to remind myself of this post when I'm being all girly and freaked out by worms.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! :)

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