Mummy Mondays - Pumpkin Play

Monday, 13 October 2014

I bought a weird selection of squashes this year - some tiny pumpkins from Sainsbury's, and some crazy lookin' squashes from Abel and Cole. They're all gnarled and weird and I'm not sure what I'm going to actually do with them.

Except play with them, of course!

When I was at work, we prepared a big basket of interesting fruit and vegetables for them to play with. Squashes, swede, sweet potatoes, even a coconut ... they all enjoyed feeling their different textures (and trying to eat them).

Inspired by this, I gave all the squashes to Jellybean to see what she'd do with them.

It kept her occupied for way longer than I thought it would. Mostly she picked up the pumpkins and plonked them in the basket with a loud 'huarrghh!'sound in the style of a weight lifter (to be fair, some of them are quite heavy). Then she emptied the basket to start again. Every now and then throughout the afternoon she'd take them all out and then tidy them all away again.

Anything that keeps a one year old away from plug sockets and other dangerous things on a rainy afternoon is a good thing in my book.

Plus we played with the insides when I eventually chopped one up. Which was utterly gross. She enjoyed it though. I have saved the seeds to roast for extra virtue points but at the moment they are draining in my kitchen and I can't get all the pumpkin slime off them.

If you decide, like me, you want a weird knobbly collection of vegetables to give to your child to play with (or just to look cool in your kitchen), here are a few recipes to use them up:

Hubble Bubble Pumpkin Pot (I've made this - it's so easy!)

I hope you all have a good week :)

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