7 quick takes #21 - 'duhhhh' moments

Friday, 24 October 2014


A totally normal 7QT today! I'm getting back on track! Kind of. It's been an exhausting few weeks. Our thirteen month old has decided that actually, 5am is a perfectly acceptable time to be wide awake, thank you very much, even if we were already up at 11.30pm and 2.30am with her.

Funnily enough, I was using a rare moment of quiet and calm (baby's nap) to do a manic downstairs tidy up when my own words popped into my head, for once not in a 'Oh Lord, why on earth did I say that' way. I remembered the post I wrote a few weeks after giving birth, about being a mother and how hard it is to keep getting up every two hours to feed, but how I felt God say to me, essentially, that I am privileged to be able to get up in the night with her.

Fair enough. I'll try and stop complaining so much. About that, anyway


In the above point, I contemplated writing 'toddler' instead of 'baby' and it made my heart ache a little bit. Oh, she's definitely ... toddling. Today is the first day so far where she has walked more than crawled, and seeing her wobbling around the house makes my heart swell with pride. I love this age ... they're still cuddly and cute with big puffy cheeks and, in our case, not-very-much hair, but they start to become their own little people. And her tantrums have not reached the level of 'horrific' yet.

It's lovely hearing her talk, too. She has her own little language I have to decode. 'Daydee!' = 'Upsy Daisy'. 'Doyee!' = 'Dolly'. And so on. Today she said 'Teddy!' which I stupidly mistook for Daddy. When I said 'Daddy's at work, sweetheart' she looked at me, held out her teddy and repeated, 'Teddy.' I could practically hear her thinking 'Duhhh.'

How is she this grown-up already?!

We're getting to the stage where people start to ask me if/when we're having another one, too. You know, the stage we were at before when relatives would say upon seeing us, 'So, any news...?' in this kind of hopeful way. Also, I apparently can't ask my parents round for dinner without them presuming we're going to announce that I'm pregnant.

So let me clear this up now: no, not pregnant, please give me a chance, I'm still a bit traumatised by giving birth.


We're currently in the midst of our most successful attempt at healthy eating so far. Essentially we are achieving this by pretending we're not doing healthy eating.

No, that's not quite true. We are going by the theory that if you introduce loads of nice healthy things to eat, the good stuff will start to crowd out the bad stuff. I'm also purposefully not buying crisps, chocolate, or going anywhere near shops if I don't have to. The worst area (for both of us) is snacking, particularly in the daytime (me) and in the evening (Chris) so we're trying to prepare healthier things for us to eat instead of reaching for pre-made stuff.

We've also established a kind of loose 80-20 rule: eat good stuff 80% of the time, enjoy less-good things 20% of the time. It works. Kind of. I still get to have the odd cake when I'm out and about. Which is good, because Bible study wouldn't be quite the same for me without some sort of baked good.

I've also replaced any milk chocolate in our cupboards with super hardcore dark chocolate. Like 85% cocoa solids. It kind of hurts to eat it. But it's good for your heart, apparently! And I can't eat more than a few squares at a time without feeling sick, too, so that's a (kind of) bonus.


All that healthy eating immune-system-boosting stuff obviously hasn't kicked in yet, because I'm having to take these bad boys:

And Jellybean's nose is running like a tap. Literally, I cannot stop the flow of snot. This along with her need for extra long, snuggly cuddles is a rather unfortunate combination. I think if I manage to start any day this week by finding a top that isn't caked in snot, then I will call that day a success.

Earlier the thought occurred to me that because of us all being ill at different times over the past few weeks, I haven't actually been able to start doing Zumba again like I said I would, and part of me was actually thankful for it. Something is seriously wrong with me if I would rather have a horrible cold than do exercise.


The main thing that is keeping me eating nuts and seeds and stuff instead of crisps is by finding lots of inspiration online. A lot of these bloggers, like for example Green Kitchen Stories, and Deliciously Ella, are enjoying a healthy lifestyle and making money out of it - good for them, obviously. But it's a little harder to be able to be able to achieve that kind of lifestyle on a budget. While I firmly believe you can afford to eat healthily even with a limited income, it's definitely more difficult than if you had a bigger amount to spend on it. And it can leave you feel kind of defeated if you read these blogs and end up thinking 'But I can't afford a personal trainer/to go to the gym/masses of green veg to put in a smoothie each morning.'

When you're on a budget, it just becomes ... harder to justify, I suppose. I can go into the supermarket with a range of healthy things on my list to buy, but then I remember that I have to buy nappies or Calpol or whatever, and suddenly the choice between organic vs non-organic becomes clearer, and the avocados and blueberries get dropped from the list.

The trick is, I think, to try and educate myself further on ways to be healthy on a budget: part of this includes reading blogs like A Girl Called Jack, and finding super-cheap but wholesome recipes. Part of this includes drawing on knowledge from my own parents on how they managed to fit veg into us on the cheap: buying frozen vegetables, for example, or bulking out meals so they last longer. And part of that is reading up on why it's important not to fill our bodies with rubbish. I'm reading a book called Salt, Sugar, Fat at the moment, which is all about the processed food industry. It's based in the US, but obviously we share a lot of food brands with them. It's been an eye-opening read so far. And it's made me want to make my own meals in a kind of defiant stand against the big food companies that purposefully make their foods so flipping addictive.

Anyway, I'm waffling. Maybe I'll write about this properly another time!


I feel like feminism has been in the news a lot recently. This is obviously a good thing. I'm now pretty up to date with what's going on with Gamergate and obviously, being a woman who enjoys games, I do care about this quite a bit. I fear for these women who are standing up against blatant abuse and sexism and are having their personal information distributed and their lives threatened as a result. It's awful. The more I read about it, the more I feel like just never playing videogames again. Ever.

Unfortunately I'm still hankering after Skyrim after all this time (was playing it whilst pregnant) so I really don't think I'll be giving them up soon. I just hope people don't think all gamers are like this. There are people who believe that videogames are not, in fact, a legitimate form of entertainment (like television, or films) and are instead for nerds that live in their parents basements. This whole Gamergate/internet troll thing really isn't helping matters. Hopefully, though, it is all coming out now for a reason, and the gaming industry will be a much female-friendlier place.


I've had what I've decided to call a 'Duh!' moment with God recently. Where everything - literally everything - clicked into a place. In a message about timing, His timing was literally perfect down to the second in this moment of utter revelation. I am very very grateful and very blessed. It's nice to know He is with me - even when I'm just at home hoovering or whatever.

I will definitely write more about this another time ;) in the meantime, I've been playing this song loud:

Have a lovely weekend!

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