7 quick takes #20 - 7 tested Pinterest recipes

Friday, 17 October 2014

It's a quick one today! I often spend a few minutes in the morning perusing Pinterest. I have a pretty good obsession with Pinterest recipes. Unfortunately I hardly ever actually cook them (!) so to spur myself on (and maybe to inspire you), here are seven things I have actually made from my Pinterest boards:

1. Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole - oh yum. This is not particularly low fat, but it's soooo good. Fills up your tummy with chicken, rice, cheese, and broccoli. Pop it in the slow cooker and enjoy!

2. Freezer-friendly Cookie Dough Balls - Unfortunately these never made it to my freezer because I baked them all. And ate them.

3. Slow-cooker Lasagne Soup - Anything with that amount of cheese on it is a good thing in my book.

4. Cake batter cookies - This is a really unhealthy post isn't it? But these look really cool with all their sprinkles and stuff.

5. One-tray Chicken, New Potatoes and Green Beans - pretty self explanatory. But good!

6. Marinated Feta - I thought feta couldn't get any nicer. I was wrong.

7. Chocolate and Roasted Pear Scones - Apparently these can be frozen too, but again, I didn't have to ;)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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