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Friday, 3 October 2014


Hi! It's been a while since I've written a post that isn't Mummy Mondays or 7QT. I know that. Believe me, I have ideas coming out of my ears. Out of my ears, I tell you! I just don't have time.

Okay. I do have time. But sometimes, when I write my posts, I get kind of caught up in the passion of it. That's good, but I'm trying to improve my writing, so after I've written these long impassioned posts, I have to go back and edit them. I must read them ten times before I feel that they're right for posting, and then I make Chris read them too. I love to write, and I try to be honest on my blog, but I do feel that words are powerful, and need to be used with care.

The Bible says that the tongue has the power of life and death. I believe that is true. Hence, my careful words.

But I've got a fairly ranty post about feminism and videogames coming up, if you're interested ...


Jellybean and I have been playing a lot recently.

She's at a really fun age now, where she doesn't automatically eat everything that is in front of her (finally we can play with playdough!) and she's starting to understand how to play with her toys. And I tell you, for all the exhaustion that I feel, I laugh every single day when I'm at home with her - she is like a little ball of fun. Whether I'm chasing her, singing with her, watching her knock down wooden block towers with brutal efficiency, or making her little toys talk to each other, I'm loving it.

(This tower stood for approximately 5 seconds).


The weather is still gorgeous here, but I'm starting to long to eat things that are warming and filling and comforting. I made balsamic roasted sausages with red veg (using red wine vinegar instead of balsamic and no honey - pinch of sugar instead) and it was so good. Warming, filling, and lovely. I recommend it!


Also, because I'm awful at remembering to defrost things when I need them (unless Chris leaves post it notes on every available surface reminding me to do it), I made an emergency vegetarian curry the other day which went down pretty well with everyone. It involved softening an onion, a red pepper and some garlic in a pan, then adding mild curry powder and frying that for a few seconds, then adding a couple of handfuls of chopped-in-half new potatoes, a tin of tomatoes, some water, and a few cubes of frozen spinach.

I may have also put in tomato puree.

After about twenty minutes of simmering, it was done. We had it with rice. Jellybean liked it so much she ate it whilst dozing off in her high chair (literally snoring and chewing at the same time).

Sometimes emergency cupboard food is the best food.


I really want to snuggle down and watch a bad movie.

This sounds like it could be the one. Anything with Nic Cage in it is bound to make me laugh. This guy is just ... there are no words.

Christianity Today gave this version of Left Behind half a star and I get the feeling that's because the computer won't let them give it a 0. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 3%. I must see it.

Neither of these screen shots are actually from Left Behind, but still. This guy!


On a totally different topic, I've been really inspired by the women at my church recently. I see their acts of kindness and love, and they are genuine - a real overflow of the love of God in their hearts. The things they do are not fake, not done because they feel obliged to do it, or to look good - they literally open up their lives and share everything with the people around them. Every Thursday I am inspired by them. I'm enjoying the example that they set for me. Not only to be generous, open, kind, and caring, not only to juggle busy lives with such efficiency - but, more importantly, to seek God above all else.


I'll end this one with a nice autumnal scene:

Over on Pinterest, I have collected an Autumnal board full of a) impossibly beautiful autumn scenes that make you want to go outside and find something similar, b) activity ideas for when you're stuck indoors with small children, and c) food that made a bit of dribble actually escape from my mouth just by looking at them.

Enjoy, have a good weekend!


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