Mummy Mondays: Mumsnet 2-minute cheese sauce - tested!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Recently I repainted our kitchen. It was long overdue a touch up. The thing is with painting is that it's never neat and tidy, is it? There's just stuff everywhere. At one point I was balancing on the worktop shrieking to Chris to grab the baby because she was crawling toward the paint lid with a big smile on her face (he literally turned away from her for like, a second. She's an opportunist. She sees mischief - she goes for it).

Anyway, after a long day painting (and scrubbing the top of our oven's filter hood thing - disgusting!) we had friends coming over and I had to do a manic wash-paint-out-of-my-hair-and-change-and-cook-dinner thing.

Luckily I had already made Mumsnet's two-minute cheese sauce recipe before, and found it really easy to do. I doubled it this time to make a pasta bake.

I like this recipe because everything is measured in cups, giving me the opportunity to use these:

Which is always a good thing. Plus it's easy. Mix everything together, put in microwave for thirty seconds, stir, repeat.

I doubled the recipe this time, which meant a longer cooking (or rather, microwave blasting) time, but it was still done in two minutes and thirty seconds. Much quicker than when I make it on the hob. It looks unpromising and watery for a while, but eventually it will be thick and creamy looking:

Next time I might try and use different cheeses too. Mmmm.

I made a pasta bake with this - which involved cooking a bag of pasta along with a handful of frozen spinach cubes, mixing it all up, adding a tin of tuna, grating cheese on top, and popping it in the oven for fifteen minutes.

It wasn't beautiful to look at, but it made our bellies happy. This fed three hungry adults and one hungry, pasta-loving baby. Who, by the way, was only happy when she was in this position:

My poor, poor hip.

So, two minute cheese sauce! (or 2.30 if you're doubling!) To see it, go to Mumsnet's Youtube channel and subscribe - it takes two seconds and it's worth it for ridiculously easy and quick cheese sauce. They have other recipes on there too.

That's it for Mummy Mondays ... have a great week!

I should say that I tested and wrote this by myself. Not prompted at all by Mumsnet. I just like this sauce ;)

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