Mummy Mondays - Amazon Prime or Netflix?

Monday, 29 September 2014

It's Mummy Mondays again! Today I thought I'd talk about something vital to a mother's well-being: television.

And yes, I know. I know that there are studies suggesting under two's shouldn't watch TV. I also know that you can find a study to prove or disprove anything you want, so unless you feel pretty strongly about it, it's not worth getting yourself stressed about it. In my view, a little bit of TV doesn't hurt (I even think it can help to improve communication, depending on what you're watching. Obviously there would be an advantage to your child watching Mr Tumble as opposed to, say, back to back episodes of Eastenders).

Alright love?

We accidentally have both Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix through choice, Amazon Prime because Chris forgot to cancel his free trial and ended up paying nearly fifty (that's right! Fifty!)* English Pounds to have it for a year. Unexpectedly, this has worked in our favour.

Here's why:

It has In the Night Garden.

In the Night Garden (or ITNG as I will henceforth call it) is the one reason I can have a shower. Our downstairs bathroom, which houses the shower, has no safe place for me to put Jellybean now she refuses to be strapped into anything. I need to leave her somewhere safe. So I put her in the travel cot with toys, pop on an episode of In the Night Garden, frantically shower, and then get her out again.

Does this make me a bad mother? Some mothers would say so. Apparently playpens are frowned upon by some. Our child having a head injury or accidentally climbing in the shower with me is frowned upon by us, so travel cot and telly it is.

Anyway. Here are the pros and cons of both, should you be thinking of going one way or the other, from a mother's perspective:

Amazon Prime Pros:

  • Has ITNG, Peppa Pig, and Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
  • Has a really good selection of kid's films, including some Disney ones
  • Has every episode of One Tree Hill Has a really good selection of American drama series
  • You can pay for a yearly membership of Amazon Prime instead of monthly payments, which also includes free next day delivery for eligible items on Amazon
Amazon Prime Cons:
  • Not a good selection of documentaries
  • Fools you into thinking you can watch new films or TV shows for free when in fact you have to pay for them and they are ridiculously expensive
  • Doesn't automatically play the next episode in a series like Netflix does
  • Slightly confusing layout if you watch it on a PC
Netflix Pros:
  • Good selection of kid's films, and the odd TV series (Dora the Explorer being one)
  • Good selection of documentaries
  • Good selection of comedies (I have fallen in love with Modern Family)
  • Also has a good, but different, selection of American drama series
Netflix Cons:
  • No ITNG, Peppa Pig, or Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
  • Frustrating menu system which means you can't see everything they actually have to offer, and sometimes they take vital sections (like 'recently added') away so you can't see them. This should really count as two cons because it's so annoying
  • Doesn't have every episode of One Tree Hill
Netflix is currently £6.99 per month, whereas Amazon Prime Instant Viewer is £5.99 per month. However, overall I feel Netflix has the better selection for adults (including a few things made exclusively for Netflix) so the verdict we have come to is to keep it, stop Amazon Prime, and buy Peppa Pig, ITNG and Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom DVDs instead.

Yes Ben, we know you're an elf. You don't have to keep banging on about it.

What do you think? Do you have either one? Do you have a TV ban and, if so, how on earth do you shower in peace? Feel free to comment ;)

* I'm actually grateful Chris forgot to cancel the free trial, as shortly after we secured it for a year, Amazon Prime's yearly membership went from £49 to £79, so really we got an accidental bargain!

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