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Friday, 12 September 2014


So I've made the executive decision to refer to our baby as Jellybean on the blog now. I don't really like to show her face or reveal her real name, for personal reasons, but she's getting to the stage of not-quite-baby any more, and I won't be able to refer to her as Baby B forever. So, Jellybean. It's an adaption of something we call her at home, so makes sense to me (kind of).


After months of denying that we have to do it, we've decided to start adjusting Jellybean's bedtime routine so she learns to go to sleep without a) milk or b) cuddles.

It's really hard.

We've decided to stay in her room while she goes to sleep, which helps. That way, I know her crying is not from fear over us leaving her, but just because she's not getting her own way. I can handle that.

Still, it took an hour and a half, lots of tears, lots of mournful calls of 'Mama!' and 'Dada!', two angrily discarded teddy bears, one tangled-up-in-blanket situation, two accidental head bumps on the bars of the cot, and approximately one million wiggles before she finally fell asleep.

I felt awful.

But learning to go to sleep is quite an important life skill, isn't it? She can't be having milk and lying in our bed to go to sleep when she's a teenager. That's what I chanted to myself over and over again for an hour and a half last night, anyway.

Starting to dread bedtime already. Arrrrrgh. Is anyone else as soft as us?!


How do you manage Christmas with not much money? That's what I am pondering at the moment. I've been Googling some thrifty present inspiration. Any more ideas are very welcome.

Pinterest is my friend right now, though. There are some very clever bloggers out there crafting away for Christmas and I am picking my way through trying to find the most idiot proof ideas.


Jellybean is learning to talk! She has added Diee-Dahh (Spider) and Uh-Uh (Uh-oh) to her vocabulary in the last few days. She uses them in context a lot too! *Proud mother face* Usually she saves 'uh-oh' for when she's about to lob something out of her buggy.

It worries me when she says 'Dieeee-Dahh' in a sing-song voice because I think she's seen something I haven't. I hate spider season.


Next Thursday, our Bible study group meets again to start studying Esther. Cannot. Wait. I really miss Bible study on Thursdays, because I need someone to anchor me to actually doing the work at home. I love Esther anyway, and have studied it briefly before with friends.

I will report back any interesting facts I find out.


We've discovered Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom.

Words cannot express my joy at this discovery. Finally a show that is better than In the flipping Night Garden. Better than Peppa Pig! Better than the terrifying Baby Jake! I'm so happy!

It really is the little things that make a difference when you're a stay at home Mum ...


You should totally check back here on Monday! Where, hopefully crosses all limbs and digits that can possibly be crossed I will have something new for the blog!

So, until then ...

Have an amazing weekend!



  1. My kids thought Santa was real, because he gave out less then stellar gifts. Ironic. Christmas is Christmas without stuff, hard for little ones. Now my kids are getting older, they're OK without the BIG Christmas but we do a bit on the 'gift tree' at our parish. Purchasing items for nursing home residents and foster care teenagers.

  2. Hehe. It's hard getting the balance right isn't it. My daughter is too young to get it yet anyway, but I feel terrible not getting presents for other family members. It's at times like this I wish I was good at a craft or something!

    That's a great idea about the gift tree. What a nice way to give to people in your community x


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