7 quick takes #14 - phone of steel

Friday, 22 August 2014

So my garden's looking a little overgrown.

I kind of like it. It's like looking out into a fantasy forest or something.

Probably should cut it back now though. Before the spiders start appearing in the thick vines that used to be our washing line.


On the phone to the doctor last week. He called, I answered, said hello. He shouted 'HELLO? HELLO? I CAN'T HEAR YOU.'

This should give you a sense of how every conversation started from then on.

He shouted 'I CAN'T HEAR YOU AT ALL, I'M GOING TO TRY ANOTHER LINE.' and hung up. He called again.

Me: 'Hello?'


Me: 'OKAY.'

Doctor: 'WHAT?!'


Doctor: 'OH. OKAY.'

Me: 'OKAY! I NEED SOME MORE (insert gobbledegook-ish name of medication to help with my TN here)'


Me: *Bangs head against wall*

I managed to get my message across in the end. Cue phone call from my Mum:

Me: 'Hello!'

Mum: (Yelling at a previous unheard decibel that made my ear shrivel up in fear) 'MEGAN? I CAN'T HEAR YOU. YOU'RE REALLY QUIET. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR PHONE?'

All day my phone did this muffly, quiet thing and I thought: YES. Finally my ancient brick phone, lent to me by my Dad ages ago as a temporary, in-between-phones phone, the phone that has survived being dropped from a great height (multiple times), being briefly dipped into a sink full of water, being dribbled on, bashed about and generally abused by my surprisingly strong baby, is FINALLY biting the dust. Finally. Finally, I can join the rest of the world and get a smartphone!

I started to daydream about what I could do on my new phone. I pictured myself taking photographs and filming stuff and flicking through apps with wild abandon.

I explained the sorry tale of my breaking-down mobile to Chris when he got through the door. The truth is, we could have signed me up for a phone contract ages ago, and gotten a nice pretty new phone for free ... but it's one of those things that we just put off again and again. It's more expensive than my little old phone, which I barely top up, and it never seems like enough of a priority to do it, because you know, it works fine. The sensible part of me says no. I don't need it.

But if the phone breaks? It no longer becomes unnecessary. It's NECESSARY.

The next day, I made a phone call. It worked fine.

The phone will never, ever die. When all the fancy smartphones in the world have long stopped working, my phone will shine among them, playing its tinny, annoying ringtones. Forever.


The good thing about having a baby that is growing up way too fast is that you have to buy clothes all the time.

Cute, cute clothes.

One of the lovely perks of having a baby girl is the dresses ;) That stripy one with the birds on the skirt? I would wear a big version of that. Although then we would be matching. And as cheesy as I am, I don't think I could cope with that.


The healthy eating thing is going ... er ... okay.

On the negative side:

  • We made two batches of fairy cakes and ate them all
  • I became grumpy at the lack of crisps in my life
  • I ate quite a lot of cheese to make up for said crisps
On the plus side:
  • Chris and I ate a ridiculous amount of fruit
  • I am making better choices (sometimes) and I have avoided temptation to buy loads of crisps in secret
  • I am finding myself actually savouring vegetables
  • We both started exercising again this week

I think that's a pretty good start, right?

I realised today that the baby hadn't watched me cook in a while. When she first went in her high chair, she used to watch me cooking, gazing around in fascination. I had the vision of popping her in the high chair tonight, giving her a little wooden spoon and a pan to play with while I showed her how I wash kale and chop up sweet potato.

This was the result:

Five minutes of pretend cooking on the baby's part (by pretend cooking, I mean violently slamming the spoon into the pan) and then everything I gave her was discarded.

Then this happened:

Baby Jake to the rescue, I guess.

On a side note, I will never ever complain about how annoying Peppa Pig or In the Night Garden are again. Baby Jake has to the be the most creepily annoying kids program I have seen since the Boohbahs. And if you haven't seen the Boohbahs, you need to click here and revel in the weirdness.


My parents bought me this orchid as a congratulations gift when the baby was born (or maybe a here's-a-plant-to-make-up-for-the-hours-of-hideous-burning-pain-you-just-went-through-gift) and it's been looking pretty awful all summer. Suddenly it bloomed last week. It literally went from brown twigs to beautiful flowers. Like a little reminder of time going by. A countdown.

It is less than two weeks until my girls' first birthday. This time last year I was having my last stress-free weekend before heading into hospital and finding out she wasn't growing properly, and starting the whole induction process. This time last year, I was probably cleaning every surface and packing and then re-packing my hospital bags. With tiny little nappies. And tiny little white vests ...

Before I sit in a corner and cry get carried away with nostalgia, I should say I love this age. I love my almost-one-year-old. Every time she does something new, even though I am a former nursery nurse and should be used to milestones by now, it's as though she's just made a massive scientific discovery or something. I love cheering her on and encouraging her into independence.

And the fact that she has followed me around all morning saying 'Mama! Mama!' does help.


The weather is driving me crazy.

We went to feed the ducks this week and it's a bit of a walk there (about 20-25 minutes) so I considered my options carefully. At the front of my house was black clouds. At the back was bright sunshine. I decided to pack our rain jackets just in case. When we got there and were ready for lunch, it was boilingly hot, and we settled under a tree to have a picnic.

Then I noticed the black clouds rolling towards us. I leapt up, shoved the baby and all her equipment back in the buggy and started running. Just made it to a shelter when the hailstones started.

Got to love British summers.


I've got loads of blog post ideas in my head and I've actually started to write them down now (thanks mostly to some really cute print out blog planning sheets I found) so I am going to actually get off my bum (or rather, sit on my bum) and write them. Soon. Very soon.

I've also got a few new ideas for the blog which I'm toying with at the moment. I need to think about it a while longer.

And on that mysterious note, have a good weekend!

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