7 quick takes #13 - once again I am surprised it's Friday

Friday, 15 August 2014


I just can't keep track of dates anymore. When I was working, I wrote or looked at the date quite often. Now I don't necessarily need to know as much, I always have a mind blank at crucial moments (like booking appointments ... or signing for something).

In fact, since I've had the baby, I have repeatedly got the week wrong. As in, I've thought that I've had an appointment or something the next day, and it turned out that it was actually the week after. My brain just likes to skip weeks. My husband thought it was funny the first couple of times. Not so much the fifth time.

Not exaggerating. I firmly believe that Mummy Brain is a real condition. I await scientific proof.


It feels like autumn, right? I don't want autumn yet! It's actually my favourite season, but I really wanted to squeeze the life out of the rest of the summer before we move into turn-on-the-heating time.

Plus my boiler makes really scary groaning noises when I switch on the heating and I think it might be coming to life. Not in a good way. In a end-of-the-world machine uprising way.

Anyway, go away cold weather! I'm not ready yet!


My husband doesn't know yet, but I am going to put us all on a healthy eating and exercise mission. (Well. The baby is already healthy. She eats better than us). I've been collecting recipes all morning and I am totally ready to throw out the sugary cereal and start eating more 'real' food. 

The thing is, I cook us pretty healthy dinners. We always have a good balance in our dinners, and I am pretty good at sneaking extra vegetables in. The problem is breakfast (sugary and rubbish), lunch (neither of us usually eat it, although obviously the baby does) and snacks (it's usually biscuits or nothing).

So I'm hoping to put a bit more effort into our breakfast/lunch situation.

Also I plan to hand my husband trainers and shove him out of the door at regular times throughout the week.



My baby is growing up! In just over two weeks, she will officially be one. One! I have mixed emotions about this. Mostly excited. A little bit sad and overwhelmed at how quickly she changed from a tiny little red wriggly thing into a boisterous, mischievous, tantrum-throwing girl.

So I'm doing present shopping this morning. My mind is all cakes and presents and balloons. My perfect girl. One year old.

*Makes mental note to buy tissues, and perhaps wine*


Oh, the tantrums I mentioned? They are now a thing, apparently. A regular occurence. In fact, I caught it on camera earlier. The strop was about the camera. I wanted to take photos of her perfect chubby little toes poking out of her skirt (for the blog. And you know, for me to look at and cry over when she's a teenager and wanting piercings and driving me crazy). She wanted to grab the camera and bang it on the floor. I said no. The result was leg banging, arm-waving, red-facing tantrum.

It's kind of adorable. I have to turn away to hide my smiles as she expresses her outrage.


Here are the toes:

Fuzzy picture caused by baby grabbing the camera.

Totally worth the tantrum!


My medication seems to be working at the moment, which is great. I had a full nights' sleep last night for the first time in ... I don't know. A long time. The baby slept through, I wasn't in pain ... it's all good. And it's amazing the difference a good nights' sleep can make.

At the moment I'm waiting for an appointment with my doctor to get a referral to a specialist. Hoping that happens very soon. Sometimes you have to wait months for these appointments. Also, from what I hear on the trigeminal neuralgia Facebook group I've joined, not all doctors have a real understanding of the condition, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case with my GP - he seems to be pretty understanding, professional, and kind. Which is why it's flipping impossible to get an appointment with him!

Have a good weekend everyone! :)

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