7 quick takes #11 - a pic-heavy post of things I am thankful for

Friday, 1 August 2014


Eleven months of joy so far. I am loving the age our baby is right now; she is clever, sweet, and has a verging-on-the-slightly-mad sense of humour (like her parents). Every day it seems she accomplishes something new, and the more she communicates, the more I can see the person she's going to become.

This time next month, I'll probably be in the kitchen making her a birthday cake.

What a crazy year. What a blessed, incredible year.

But more on that in a few weeks.


Messy play.

We love messy play!

Also I am massively thankful for this bit of oilcloth I got from Amazon. It works as a messy play mat, an under-the-highchair-food-catcher, a tablecloth ... love it.


Big cousin time.

I've had my niece a couple of times while she's been on her summer holidays, and I've loved it. So has the baby. All she wants to do is follow my niece around and get involved with what she's doing.

Also, baby spent a good ten minutes staring at her and laughing - not quite sure what's going on in her brain.


Beautiful places in beautiful weather.

We went for a day out with Chris's parents to Bishop's Palace in Wells, and it is so beautiful there.


Parents who come to the rescue.

So I've been having this ongoing health thing for eight months now and I have hit a wall as far as doctors are concerned. I'm now facing the mildly headachey prospect of switching surgeries in the hope that I will find one doctor who will actually investigate what is wrong with me properly, after thinking I was finally getting somewhere with my current GP, only for him to prescribe me antibiotics again and send me on my way.

However he also prescribed me some pretty strong painkillers which sent me into a mad haze of dizzyness, weird blurry vision, nausea, sleepiness (as in literally couldn't stay awake) and general heart-racing wrong feelings. As I lay on the sofa looking after my niece and my daughter, I thanked God for my parents, who turned up, fixed up some lunch for my niece, took the girls out to the park while I got some rest, waited for Chris to come home so I wouldn't be on my own, and then took my niece back with them so she could spend the afternoon at their house.

I seriously love them. Thank God for parents, who are always there being parent-ey, even after you're all grown up.


Making the most of the summer. This time last year I was heavily pregnant, too hot, and miserable. Despite my moaning last week that it is too hot, I'm actually kind of enjoying it. This year I am trying to get outside as much as possible. I'm trying to wring every last drop of fun out of the summer months.

So much nicer than sitting in my underwear in a darkened room in front of a fan having constant heat-triggered false contractions. ;)

PS. Just after I wrote this post, I went out for a walk with the baby and got caught in a sudden and unexpected hailstorm. Baby was snuggled up under her raincover while I half laughed, half screamed, running back to the house pushing the buggy in one hand and wrestling with an umbrella in the other. Thereby proving to me that you can jinx the weather.


I'm typing this from our spare bedroom! Finally I have managed to get rid of all the junk, rearrange the furniture, etc, so that we have a little desk area. This means I can come in here and get on with things while my baby explores the space behind me.

Here she is calmly playing with my nail varnishes educational toys next to the Washing Basket of Shame while I type. Yay!

Happy Friday everyone :)

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