7 quick takes #9 - hatred of teeth and loud noises

Friday, 11 July 2014


So I had a toothache recently. The word 'toothache' doesn't really do it justice. 'Ache' implies that it hurts in a kind of background way, or at least to me. 'Tooth explosion' might be a better way of explaining it. Suddenly and without warning, on the eve of my birthday, it began. It got worse and worse to the point where I ended up in tears on the phone to an out of hours GP on Sunday evening, rocking bath and forth and clutching my face like I'd gone slightly mad.

I got onto that phone determined for better pain relief. I was prepared to beg, cry, and shout if necessary. Thankfully the doctor didn't make me and translated my horrible-pain-whine into 'please give me something to knock me out tonight'. So she did, and I am thankful yet again for the NHS, and for chemists that stay open until midnight.

Went to the dentist and she gravely informed me that the nerves in my tooth were dying. This has never happened to me before. I don't have particularly good teeth, but I guess they're not awful either - but whenever I've had something wrong with them (cavities, for example) it's usually heavily implied that it was my fault for not looking after them properly.

Not so with dying teeth. Sometimes they just die. At random.


On the scale of 1-10 of 'terrifying things that can happen at the dentist', I'd say the following constitutes at least a seven:

'Well, if it's okay with you, Megan, we'd like to try to drill without any anaesthetic.'

My facial expression was, I imagine, a bit like this:

Possibly sensing some anxiety on my part, my dentist explained that I shouldn't feel anything because the nerve had completely died, but if I felt any pain during the root canal, all I had to do was put my hand up and they'd give me anaesthetic.

I can't really explain the terror I felt when the drilling started and she got closer and closer to the tooth. One time I had a dream that a spider was crawling up my leg and I was having sleep paralysis (that's a whole other post right there). All I could do was watch the spider get closer and closer to my face, unable to move, cry out or do anything about it.

It was that level of terror.

Luckily, she was right and she proceeded to dig around my tooth with me unable to feel a single thing. It was literally amazing. I practically skipped out of the dentist (probably should have been worried about my dead tooth) having just had something quite major done with no pain or weird-numb-dribbly-face aftermath. Got in the car and told Chris all about it with this look of surprise on my face 'I just had my dying tooth scraped out from the inside but hey, it didn't hurt!'

Still obsessed with Community in case you wondered.


I posted on Facebook a couple of days ago that I had Mumma Rage because of people being noisy and waking up my baby. I realise that I run the risk of sounding like one of those obnoxious mothers that expect the world to revolve around their child but - REALLY? Really, uncontrollable barking dog being let out in someone's garden at gone midnight? Really, car thumping bass outside our house at one in the morning? You can listen to music loud. GOOD FOR YOU.

I wouldn't be so grumpy about it, but I guard my baby's sleep time because it is literally precious. It is so rare at the moment for her to happily sleep through the night without needing the occasional cuddle, that when I do finally get to have a good stretch of sleep, anything that disturbs me from it awakens a rage in me I never knew existed.

Unfortunately my poor husband tends to get the brunt of my grumpiness.

'How wrong would it be for me to lean out the window and scream for someone to shut that dog up?' I asked as I brought baby into our bed for the third time that night.

Chris considered it. 'Probably quite wrong. And you know, it would make you look insane.'

He's right, obviously. Clearly I need an injection of grace to extend to other people. It's all well and good being loving and understanding towards people in the day, but at two in the morning when the roar of a lorry going by our house (at approximately two miles per hour, judging by how long it took for the noise to stop) it's much easier to hate all lorries, all lorry drivers, all shops for needing deliveries, and you know, everyone else.

I'll work on it.


I have nearly finished my Bible study on David. I have loved learning about him - it has been an emotional journey through his life, and there are some staggeringly low and stupid moments, but some amazingly beautiful ones too. 

It reminded me again of a saying that I heard a while ago - 'God doesn't call the qualified - he qualifies the called.' David came a long way from being a little shepherd in a little town living a little life.

Having said that, he really screwed things up too. Sometimes I see Christians around me and I presume they have reached some higher level of Godliness that hasn't happened to me yet, and once they have 'levelled up' that far then they are immune to some of the temptations that us mere mortals face. I know that is totally theologically wrong, but sometimes I forget. Even King David got things wrong sometimes.


I have mentioned this before, but I am a true geek, especially when it comes to stationary and diaries. Ten weeks ago when we got our new books, I bought it home and just enjoyed the newness of it. I liked the fact that all the answers were blank and the margins empty; I liked the new smell and the shiny look of the white pages. I was practically desperate to start drawing over it with highlighters and pens (it took about three weeks this time for me to fall behind, though. I am terrible for keeping to a schedule).

Now it looks like this:

Well loved.

Anyway, I am finding that doing Bible studies is a good way to keep me on track, so my friend Sarah and I may have gotten a bit overexcited and bought a new one to do together over the summer. This one is about the Psalms. 

So on Sunday I will have that 'new book' feeling all over again. I am one blissfully happy nerd.


Speaking of blissfully happy nerds, I came home today to find this:

I had been out with my sister for three and a half hours and walking for approximately three of them, so I was desperate to have a shower before I opened it (by the way, how nice is the feeling of being clean after going out in the baking heat all afternoon? Very nice, is the answer to that). 

I knew what it was, though. It was this.

Really need to sort out this obsession with Community. But not before wearing my awesome new t-shirt.


Went into the charity shop and was practically giddy with nostalgia:

I LOVED Old Bear when I was a kid. Loved it. I remember the theme tune too (well, the words aren't so clear. I remember it as 'bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, we'll all gather round, bla Old Bear') Also:

I mean come on.

We bought them for baby, not me. Obviously ;)


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