7 quick takes #8 - Frivolous Friday

Friday, 4 July 2014


No idea what to write about today. It's the end of the day, and TV with my husband awaits (along with the normal battle to stay awake for more than five minutes). So here are a few frivolous things about today.


Baby has pretty much mastered crawling now. Of course, this drove us into Babyproofing Mode. Unfortunately, baby sees the new safety measures (stairgate, plug socket covers) as shiny new things to explore, which sort of undoes the whole idea. Today she discovered standing up at the stairgate shaking it and screeching like a monkey in a cage. Apparently it is very fun indeed.

Also, she's discovered posting toys through the banisters. This is how I found Dolly earlier:

Peeping over the edge of doom.


I had my hair chopped today as I had a bit of birthday money. By chopped I mean luxuriously washed whilst sitting in a massaging chair, then had all sorts of lovely conditioning goop put on it, before having it chopped and dried and straightened with their hotter-than-the-sun straighteners. I'm not really into getting massages or my nails done, but having my hair done in a salon = my ultimate girly treat.

Unfortunately I forgot the rule that everything that they recommend that you buy in a salon is insanely expensive, so foolishly asked how much the extra nice smelling conditioning goop cost, along with the extra-nice looking non-sticky-curling goop. £38! For two pots of hair stuff! I nearly fainted.

Clearly I am a hair scrooge. I managed a breezy 'oh, I'll leave those for now' as though I was totally cool with it and I wouldn't have to go without food to pay for it.

Anyway, it's a nice salon, and I had a lovely hairdresser, who was very apologetic when the heavens opened the moment she was finished with my nice shiny hair. I assured her it was my fault. It literally always rains when I get my hair done, no matter what time of the year, week, or day that I choose to do it.


At the time of writing I am utterly obsessed with the TV show Community. It's come on Amazon Prime recently and we cannot. stop. watching it.


I realised earlier we are now officially over halfway through the year. Where did that time go? It's made me have a little check up of my unofficial new years resolutions.

All I can say is - uh oh.


This happened today.

Yes, that's a teddy bears picnic. Yes, my daughter had no idea what was going on.



I made this Slow Cooker Vegetarian Lasagne Soup today (except I put mince in it, so not vegetarian in any way really). I have to admit I was sceptical about ruining something as gloriously perfect as lasagne by slow cooking it, but it actually turned out pretty good.

Not as good as actual lasagne. But still good.

That's it! Seven frivolous things about Friday. Check out other 7 Quick Takes posts by lots of awesome bloggers, started by Jen Fulwiler of Conversion Diary.

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