7 quick takes #10 - heat and such

Friday, 25 July 2014


It's ridiculously hot. It's got to the point where it is frankly too hot. This morning I had a shower, felt refreshed, got dressed, and by the time I had gotten myself dressed I was sweating. The heat has brought the baby out in a heat rash even though she's been practically naked for the past few days as I can't stand the thought of putting anything on her. We went for a day out this week, and despite all the care and consideration I took with protecting my baby from the sun (you know, applying suncream to every centimetre of exposed skin, triple-knotting her hat under her chin so it won't come off, that sort of thing) that I totally forgot about putting any suncream on myself and I am now sunburnt.


I mean, red-and-white striped sunburnt. You can see it on my Twitter feed to the left of this post. So, so stupid!


The good thing about the heat is that it means that we've had some really lovely evenings. Part of our elaborate convincing-the-baby-to-sleep routine now includes 'taking her to the park to exhaust her before bed', and we're all loving that part of the evening, sitting on the grassy hill overlooking the play area, watching her crawl around and attempt to eat things she shouldn't, all whilst bathed in the lovely evening light. We plan to do this as much as possible now while the weather is good enough.


Plus - it actually works! By the time we get home she is ready to fill up with milk and go to sleep. I don't know why we didn't try it before.


Whilst we were there tonight, a couple of little boys walked past us, one of them pushing a bike, the other wielding a tin can balanced on a stick. They were totally immersed in play (something to do with fighting, I think. There were a lot of whooshing sword noises and the word 'training' was mentioned more than once). It was really sweet. It's nice to see kids playing with things they have found instead of toys or electronic things (although I think some of the things they could find in our park might not be too safe for playing with).


There was a family fun day at the park today, and on the way home from the shops I could hear a little boy singing karaoke. He was singing a One Direction song and I think his thought process must have been along the lines of 'Well, everyone's watching, so I'm gonna give it everything I've got.' When I got to my front door, I could still hear him, and he had stepped it up even further somehow. It was like capillary-bursting-lung-straining yelling. Go kid!

It reminded me of this:

Which never ever fails to make me laugh.


I watched this programme about child geniuses, where Mensa members can enter a child genius of the year competition (or something like that). It was kind of interesting, but sort of scary. At one stage of the contest the children had an hour to memorize the order of a randomly shuffled pack of cards.

Two of them memorized the order of the whole pack.

I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning.

Really, though, my tiny inferior brain is killing TV time before this:

And this:

Also, YES to permanent Claudia Winkleman co-hosting!

I luffs her and all her fringey awkardness.

That's it. Happy Friday, everyone :)

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