7 quick takes #6 - oops

Friday, 13 June 2014


I've been away for ages! I'm sorry. It's been a mixture of lack of time, lack of inspiration, and a little bit of writers' block. A lot of the last one. Plus I think I've got summer fever. You know where its so hot that when you get to the end of the day you just want to recline on the sofa and do nothing? I've got that.


The good news is, the weather is nice! On the plus side that means evening walks around the park with the baby to get her to blooming well go to sleep, barbeques, complaining about the weather in a different way '('it's soooooo hot!') and snacky food instead of proper dinners.

On the down side it means lots of sunburnt flesh on show. I find it somewhat off putting to be stood next to someone with a big red (hairy!) belly on show while I'm shopping. Especially being short (therefore closer to said belly). And especially when we're crammed in close proximity together trying to reach for the same bag of salad.

There's a happy mental image for ya.


I remember roughly around this time last year posting about how I was so pregnant and hot I didn't know what to do with myself. I'm enjoying it a lot more this year! Although like every mother of a small baby I start to get anxious at around 10am and don't relax until 3 if we're outside. If we have to be out during the 'danger time' I'm dashing around looking for shady spots, shrieking 'Put your hat back on!' and putting layers and layers of suncream on until she starts to look like a teeny tiny goth.


I went jogging again for the first time in a while. I was surprised to see I really enjoyed it. There's just something nice about being out in a cool breeze late on a summer evening.

Unfortunately now I've done it once that smug feeling will probably carry me over for a few weeks until the guilt sets in again. So I'm not really on a strict exercise regime as such.


I should be though. I do feel shame at my lack of self discipline when it comes to exercise.


Oh, is there some football thing going on?

That's what I like to say to wind up my world cup loving friends ;)

Am I the only one that gets a bit ... I dunno, tingly, when the whole country is supporting something? Like when you see England flags waving out of people's windows and stuff. I like that feeling that we're all rooting for the same thing, and for a moment I allow myself to get swept along with the excitement.

Then I remember that the thing that we're all rooting for is football.



I do have 'real' posts in my head. I've written one that I've changed my mind about. The study of David that we're doing is impacting me quite a lot, which is interesting because I just wasn't expecting it. But it's changed my way of thinking about a few different issues ... and I want to try and explain that but I need to get my head around it first.

In the meantime I hope you all enjoy the sunshine!

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