Saturday, 17 May 2014

I look at this picture every day.

It sits on our kitchen windowsill, in the same place, come rain or shine. Days that turn to weeks that turn to months that turn to years pass, and every day I'm at that sink at some point and I glance at that picture.

I look at it extra hard this morning and I remember that this time five years ago I was fixing my veil, adjusting my dress, staring nervously in the mirror with butterflies nearly up in my throat, never mind my stomach.

We were young. I hadn't even had my twenty first birthday yet, the birthday that typically signifies a definite end to childhood and teenage years and says hello to adulthood. And here I was about to walk down the aisle and make a permanent promise to spend the rest of my days with this man.

He won't want me to bang on about it because he'll be embarrassed and I don't usually share things like this with people, so I'll wrap it up now. We have learnt a lot in five years, through time passing and jobs changing and house moving and baby-having. I have learnt that a lot of the things people told us about marriage are true. For example, I've learnt that a marriage needs to be protected, to be worked on, if you want to stand a chance at eventually becoming really old, but still in love. This is true. I've learnt that when you live with someone and you're so close to them you end up conflicting sometimes and that can change both of you. Also true.

But I've learnt that I have changed. And that I, while definitely not perfect, am a much wiser, nicer and generally better person than I was five years ago, and a significantly huge part of that is down to you, the man in that photo with me.

That is true.

So thank you to my husband for the past five years, and for still being as funny, silly, sweet and strong as we were when we first met.

And I look forward to becoming wrinkly old people together. ;)

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  1. Happy Anniversary guys. Thank you for being the awesome, inspirational couple that you are. Love you both xxx


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