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Friday, 9 May 2014


I'm still ill! I have now spoken to five different doctors about this same problem, and I'm due to go in for a sixth time next week to get a re-diagnosis. This particular thing has triggered another thing (it literally is one thing after another at the moment) which has meant a week stuck inside all day, every day, and has meant that Baby B has enjoyed a lot more 'Daddy time' than normal.

So seven quick takes this week is probably going to be a bit ... er ... cobbled together. Because I have a rare pain-free, baby-sleeping window right now but I'm so drained from this week that I can't think properly ... hope you'll forgive me.


I've just finished reading The Book Thief. It's funny, I just couldn't get into it to start with. It packs a pretty strong emotional punch, I suppose you could say. Stepping into the world of a poor, heartbroken girl taken into foster care in a tiny German village on the cusp of World War II doesn't exactly make for light reading. So it lingered on around 13% complete on my Kindle for weeks.

Then a lovely auntie of mine told us that she had just read the Book Thief and she loved it. Holed up in bed on Tuesday, helpless to do anything but lay quite still, I thought of her and decided to give it another go.


The voice of Death as the narrator was quirky, but I thought it worked really well, and as with any good book, I became so emotionally attached to the characters that when I finished it, Baby B sleeping on my chest, I quietly laid down my Kindle and wept just a little bit (read: a lot), not just because of what happened in the story, but because I was sad that it was over.


I've been forced to eat plain food over the past few days and I'm so bored of it. I've pretty much survived on crackers. Last night I made what I thought would be a healing, nourishing vegetable soup and it turned out to make me feel even worse.

So on the menu tonight: plain boiled white rice with plain chicken.

It does make me more grateful for the rich variety of food I normally eat, though. And it's got me craving, for some reason, sour gummy worms. :)


I'm going to a wedding tomorrow! I love weddings. However Baby B has just realised that she can make shout really, really loudly if she concentrates hard enough (I mean take-a-deep-breath, ball-hands-into-fists-in-preparation kind of loud) and that, also, it's quite funny to blow spectacular and very dribbly raspberries when everyone else is being quiet. So that'll be interesting.


It's our five year anniversary next weekend. Whaaat? I honestly don't know where that time has gone. Surely I'm owed some sort of jewel or precious object as a present by now? ;)


I've just looked it up. Traditionally we should be buying presents for each other made from ... wood.

Not really sure what to make of that.


I hope you all have a lovely, blessed weekend. :)

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