7 quick takes #2 - poorly times

Friday, 2 May 2014


Going to kick off today with a kind of serious one. I've had a health issue since January now (nothing serious or particularly interesting!) but it's affecting my eating and sleeping now, which is a concern. I have been back and forth to the doctors a few times now, so prayers for this would be appreciated.

I'm feeling pretty drained most of the time. I know that sounds silly because I have a not-sleeping-well-at-all baby, but before I was coping with it quite well and could deal with one or two get-ups in the night. Now I feel like I have no energy. I'm distracted all the time and I can't concentrate on things and I just generally feel blah. I am, of course, very grateful for my fairly healthy working body, which makes me feel that I should be taking more responsibility for it - and I would quite like to have the normal energy levels of a twenty five year old.

So I'm keeping a food diary and getting more serious with exercise. (Mostly zumba-ing around the living room and jogging). The food diary is starting today and I'm fairly sure it will horrify me when I realise how awfully I eat/how emotionally attached I am to food. I've found some really good healthy-eating blogs with recipes that make eating more fruit and veg sound a bit more exciting, so hopefully it will make a difference.


So on that note, here is today's healthy meal: beetroot and halloumi kebabs with gingery-garlicky-veggie rice. :)


Moving on to a nicer topic, we had friends over last weekend on a particularly stormy, rainy day. I cooked my sticks (they were pretty tasty) in a stew, and it was nice. To have people coming and going in our house, sharing food and laughing (a lot) is exactly how I like a weekend to go down.


I woke up at 4.30 this morning. I get a strange burst of energy when I haven't had any sleep. Unfortunately I don't concentrate very well when I'm tired so I'm worried this post is going to be rubbish. I must admit, in my pre-parent naivety, I presumed by eight months I might be having mostly full nights of sleep by now.


However, cheering me up in the middle of the night are these funny Amazon reviews, so it's not all bad.


We've started a new bible study, on the life of David, which is really good so far. I've found it really interesting. Plus I'm a huge geek and I relish the sensation of opening a new study book whilst wielding my highlighter like a sword.

I probably take too many notes though.


Chubby baby legs!

Just because.

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