7 Quick Takes Friday #1 - What on earth am I going to write about

Friday, 25 April 2014

I follow a great blog, Conversion Diary (which I will talk more about in a moment), by Jennifer Fulwiler, the talented writer/mother of six/atheist-turned-Catholic/general superwoman. Jennifer has a series of posts called '7 Quick Takes Friday' which is basically a seven-part collection of thoughts/rambles which people can sign up to join in with. I've decided to join in too. (Again I will talk more about this below). They will mostly be short little snippets of life stuff and links to other cooler things.

Does that make sense? Check out a Seven Quick Takes post at Conversion Diary which will most definitely be funnier and more eloquent than mine. ;)

So here goes my first one!


This is my current ten-step blog writing strategy:
  1. Open laptop with every good intention of writing something
  2. Look at the cursor blinking on the blank page and suddenly forget everything I wanted to say
  3. Chew lip
  4. Shrug and close laptop
  5. Repeat for two to three weeks
  6. On a day and time when it is least convenient (i.e. after a night of no sleep with a cranky baby, or on a bus journey/walk with no means of writing anything down) suddenly have a burst of inspiration and have three blog posts flowing through my head at once
  7. Try to get posts onto computer ignoring child/husband as much as is reasonably possible
  8. Feel temporary smug glow at own productiveness
  9. Swear to never again let it go so long without writing a blog post
  10. Start process again from step one.
Which is why I've signed up to this blog thing. I'm not entirely sure I can think of seven things to say every week. Some of it might be what I've eaten for breakfast. Or I might just flop my head onto the keyboard and call it abstract writing.


Lack of sleep can sometimes make you do crazy things.

It seems I have jinxed the whole 'our-baby-sleeps-through-the-night' thing because we are now back to at least one cuddle/milk/nappy run a night, and I'm not sure how to proceed really, but it does make things really difficult. Sleeping in the day isn't an option when your baby doesn't want to nap.

Anyway, after my third failed attempt at getting Baby B to have a nice snooze, I gave up trying, and plonked her in the buggy to go for a walk instead. I decided to nip to the shops and buy something that you take out of a packet and shove in the oven for dinner. When I left, I was in a bit of a state - almost falling asleep on my feet, hair sticking up in all directions, massive bags under my eyes, on the cusp of bursting into funny-afterwards-but-not-at-the time tears - but by the time I got back, the baby was asleep and I was feeling so peaceful and happy. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we've found out that there's a nice short cut through the park to the shops.

The view on the way home was so beautiful that I had to stop and admire it for a minute. I went back a couple of days later first thing in the morning to take a picture, and here it is:

Right on my doorstep. Thank you God.


I have updated the 'blogs I follow' page, which you can also find by clicking on the tab at the top of this page. I follow a few really good blogs, Conversion Diary included. They are definitely worth looking at.


I bought these this week:

Apparently it is salsify (other root vegetables are available) but I haven't cooked it yet and I think I might have just paid for a bunch of sticks.


Go check out Adam Flare's awesomely funky debut album. You won't regret it!

As a side note, the Google Image results for Adam Flare are quite diverse:

Yes, whilst writing this I was also reading Adam Buxton's website and calling out instructions for flapjacks to my husband in the kitchen (who is in a baking mood). And yes, I did have to Google how to take a screen capture. Like a pro. ;)


I did some gardening - the pile of rubbish in one corner of the garden has now been slightly rearranged and placed in another corner of the garden! Yay!

On the plus side, hanging up washing on the line makes me feel quite accomplished. Why is this?



Charlie Brooker's scathing review of Masterchef made me literally lol.

So that's it! Have a good week. More profound thoughts another time, maybe.


  1. Wow what a beautiful view! Where do you live? Sleep regressions are really the worst, and there's not a whole lot you can do about them but ride 'em out. Eventually our kids will be teenagers and try to sleep half the day... that's what I tell myself on bad nights!

  2. Hi, it's nice to (kind of) meet you! I live in the UK - in Somerset :) It is rare to get a sunny day in April so I was happy to make the most of it.

    Thank you for that ... I start to wonder if I'm doing something wrong and if there's some magical technique I don't know about to get them to sleep! Glad I'm not the only one though x


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