Saturday, 13 July 2013

This week I've been in receipt of a lot of sympathetic glances and 'Oh, are you suffering in this heat?' type questions.

The answer is yes, yes I am. Much more than I thought I would be. I am exhausted at work by about two o'clock in the afternoon; my Braxton Hicks seem to intensify in number and strength depending on how hot I am and how urgently I need them not to happen; my brain won't work properly; I can't sleep, and I have an extreme case of 'pregnancy dropsies' (dropsies = bizarre phenomenon which means that otherwise stationary objects, when in my hand, seem to fly out of their own accord).

So yes. I am a clumsy, hot, sweaty mess. My baby, meanwhile, kicks and squirms in delight, utterly unaffected by how tired I feel, sprawling happily across my belly in between practising her aerobics, which means my formerly neat bump is now growing sidewards as well as outwards.

My default answer to the question 'it's a bit hot for you, isn't it?'  after the first day of the heatwave was: 'Yes, it's a bit too hot for me.' (Polite smile). My default answer after a few days of working in intense heat was a slightly sarcastic, through gritted teeth 'Oh, just a bit.' My default answer after a weak of chasing after babies and toddlers in a heatwave with an energetic baby bump and no energy is now a dirty look and a muffled, Marge-Simpson-Like 'MMMMM.'

So I haven't blogged for a while. Terribly sorry. I'm hoping at some point my brain will go back to normal function even if my body isn't quite up to it. But there we are.

In a break from staring hopelessly at my ever-growing 'To Do Before Baby Arrives' list whilst having no energy or inclination to do anything about it, I'm going to write down a few things that have blessed me over the past few weeks:

  • Girly birthday presents from my lovely husband
  • Seeing our baby in another scan and having a rush of realisation that, as far as I can see so far, she looks as though she has my lips and Chris's nose
  • Friends and family gathering together for my birthday to watch a terrible film ('Birdemic' in case you were wondering)
  • Buying a fan for our house (this right now is literally the best thing we've ever bought in four years of marriage)

I'm blessed, really, and every day my body successfully grows and feeds my baby, I am thankful.

But I'm a grump.

Go out and enjoy the sunshine for me, happy, soon-to-be-sunburnt British people!

God bless x

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